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Are you in favor of higher taxes for unhealthy foods? If so, which foods?

Posted 9 years.


  • Patti Creek - 9 years ago

    I realize that people should eat healthier, but I also feel like the govenment and big business are getting to where they dictate too much in our "personal" lives. They should not punish us because of what we eat. I always hear about putting a higher tax on food, on tobacco, on all kinds of things. You know what I don't hear? What about higher taxes on liquor? No,No, that brings in revenue! There goes the government again. If the agents or ceo's or whoever is at the top of the "food chain" in the insurance companies weren't so greedy and wanted bigger commissions or paychecks they wouldn't have to worry about where the money was coming from. There I said it! It's always about greed.

  • Patti Creek - 9 years ago

    I know we need to eat healthier, but it's not the insurance companies or government's place to force us to do so. It always comes down to greed. If the agents or the company big-wigs weren't so money hungry, They wouldn't care how we eat. They're afraid they might have to "pay up". Not only that, the longer we live, the longer they keep getting monthly payments. My view is the government and big business already have intruded enough in our lives. Already we can't smoke (I don't, but my husband does)where we (as a people) want to, we can't pray where we want to, we have to be careful what we say, or risk getting in trouble and so forth. It's getting ridiculous. No I do not believe that the Insurance Companies or the government should have the right to tax us on what types of food we eat.

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