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What is most important to you about your religion?

Posted 8 years.


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  • Ertan - 4 years ago

    Jesus Christ is not he only begotten Son of God. The God would not be a son. If he have ason he is not God. God one and being spouses, companions, friends unthinkable.

  • James Knot - 6 years ago

    I also have strong opinions on things that aren't true!!!

  • Nancy Riggs - 7 years ago

    Christianity is a Relationship with Jesus Christ(the only begotten Son of God) Not a Religion. There are a lot of feel good religions. But the only way to heaven, is Knowing the Creator in a Personal way.

  • Anonymous - 8 years ago

    I believe the Bible is the book of the whole truth about God, Jesus,the angels,and the followers of Jesus ,all 66 chapters etc. The history is all true. Look back in old history books. I literally take Revelations as a sign of warning of what is to come, we are in the last days, and we must be prepared but many churches do not teach this book , avoid it with a 10 feet pole,refuse to talk about it, and I do not know if the congregation does not wish to hear it or this book might scare off possible new members. The church I belonged to before Talked "fluff" and the sermons were given by a minister who was a " rachet jaw"...never saying anything of substanance ...rarely teaching from the Bible and if they did it was above peoples understanding because they had all their fancy education but could not relate to the congregation and still am a member of this church. I am very very educated and could not follow this person. Pity. Sorry, but some people who are ministers..should not be ministers...despite all there education in the world. Its not just pastors...all careers have people who wanted to work in the career field of their choice and it did not work please do not think Iam just putting this one person down. We are human. We have gifts and some are not in what We think our career is. If they cannot relate to their people and they rarely mention the Bible...there is a big problem!!!!! They need to speak a the level of the congregation
    I have only found one church in this town with a sense of community where I am visited regularly by other members of the church at my home and we discuss important lessons of how the Bible relates to our lives today.They have often ge ttogethers of the church family at the church so we get to know each other better. These members are so kind...compared to the many churches I have attended or have been baptised and had membership in, that I honestly believe in a time of crisis they would be right ove and help me get through it...even a tornado..they would be there. I believe they would give me the shir toff their back if I needed it. They always ask before they leave my home if they can do anything for me. I even think they would mow my lawn if I was not physically able! I am visited and taught by women members and men members and youth and its been wonderful. There is no age separation and the youth are very loving and respectful and know their Bibles well. They love to visit with me and are my friends even if I am much older. They radiate with love. I feel safe and secure asking questions and just being with the church. My own children are grown and sadly have strayed from the churchwanting nothing to do with the church. I do not know what happened but pray they come back to their teachings when young. but the church youth and members still teach me new things on ethics and morals.I do not make it every Sunday due to health problems but this does not stop them from loving me or visiting me. Do you know at Christmas time in the freezing cold for many any years they come and sing carols with many musical instruments and gifts????? Neighbors come out to enjoy their Christmas Celebration!!!!What a wonderful church familyl!!!!! One of the members is one of your writers ad I am truly blessed by this person. I feel much love for this person and say thank you. This person knows who they are. I will remain silent. I do not wish to reveal them, the church because I believe ALL churches should be this way and sadly they are not. This church is a fairly big size yet they are able to make it their mission to reach their members. God Bless them all! May all churches look at their mission and service to members at home and church and get to know others instead of turning their backs and too busy socializing with the rich, elete, and cliques. This does not occur at the church i attend. Thank you for letting me share. Please keep me anonymous.

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