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Do you approve of the revised plan for the lakefront hotel — without the parking garage?

Posted 8 years.


  • trixie - 8 years ago

    A hotel in Canandaigua is a huge need.
    I prefer the no garage plan over the one with a parking garage. I feel keeping the green space between the hotel and the waterfront open to all the public is also a crucial part of the plan.

  • Val fenti - 8 years ago

    Since I have been on City Council, (January 2002) the number one question from residents has been, "when is something going to happen on the lakefront." Well things are happening. Thanks to the City's Economic Development Task Force's prodding in 2002 & 3, to encourage property owners to do a study and generate a plan. Mr. George Hamlin accepted the challenge and ran with it. And thanks go to Mr. David Genecco who has had the courage and vision to implement the plan. Thanks also to City Council who have persistently insisted on the best possible use from developers and landowners.

    The above comments also apply to the Steamboat Landing Hotel proposal and the "empty lot" to the east. If there was ever a case for eminent domain action this is it. This site has been designed as part of the original Rosepark hotel in 1988. The lakefront hotel has been part of the comprehensive plan since 2002. The property is grossly under utilized.

    The "empty lot" owner bought this property knowing the hotel needed to be built. He got it cheap giving him an advantage over other developers. Even with that and despite efforts by many, he refused to move forward, offer a plan, or to sell the property. When faced with the threat of Steamboat Landing building a hotel, he still did not offer an alternative plan.

    The city deserves a first class hotel on this location. It will generate jobs, tax revenue, increase park space and provide parking both for the public and the hotel. The City deserves action and I commend my fellow City Council members for being brave enough to take it.

    Val Fenti, City of Canandaigua, Ward Two Council Member

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