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Should Florida let doctors prescribe marijuana?

Posted 8 years.

1 Comment

  • Steve Buchholz - 3 years ago

    It is ludicrous to allow the adult citizens of 2 entire states to smoke pot legally and yet deny adults from the other 48 states the same inalienable rights to the pursuit of freedom and happiness, not to mention relief from many debilitating medical problems. Justice is NOT being served to the other residents of the 48 states that are still in the stone ages (pun intended). I have been smoking cannibis for 40 years and I have never once went home and beat my wife and/or kids or ever been in a traffic accident. I have never stolen or robbed anyone to support my weed habit. But yet alcohol and prescription drugs are legal and responsible for so much harm to the public. Why can't they (the state legislatures) see this as plain as day. If you regulated the sale and taxed it (see Colorado and Washington) you could fund schools entirely and provide medical support for the abusers of the actual harmful drugs in our society. Weed is here to stay and they'd better come to grips with that fact and turn it into a positive rather than put people in jail (at taxpayer expense) just because they choose to smoke something that has been growing wild in the world for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. WAKE UP AMERICA!! (Florida)

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