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Is the White House correct to take on FOX News and other media critics?

Posted 8 years.


  • The Opinion Zone - 8 years ago

    Connie - we only delete comments if they are vulgar and obscene. Your comment is still listed, number 47.
    We appreciate all viewpoints - even ones that disagree with our own. Thanks for commenting.

  • Connie - 8 years ago

    Where are the comments? My comment was #47 at about 11:00 am. Do you errase them if they go against your opinion? I don't understand this kind of newspaper trickery. I commented that I had a problem with the way the question was posed. It is not the same question written above. The question said that those who dissagreed with the president were bullying him. Obviously you rethought the bullying of the readers to agree with you.

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