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Do we have free will?

Posted 8 years.


  • kim - 5 years ago

    we start off with free will but as we get older we learn to control it.or government does.

  • xy - 7 years ago

    Sometimes yes, sometimes not.
    This is a very difficult question.

    Basically, we have unconditional free will owing to our consciousness is the utmost capability to construe anything thought about ourselves, our reality, our will. But, sometimes we have no free will at all, until we do not figurate out properly what we want.
    The strongest force to achieve our free will our proper conceptualization what we may want and what worth to want. This is difficult. This requires almost full awareness how our consciousness works and how to use it.
    The free will has an absolute power over our consciousness, and has a tremendous responsibility to use it well. This is difficult.

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