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What are the three biggest challenges facing moderates today?

Posted 8 years.


  • Mark Martin - 3 years ago

    Our movement needs to begin with the premise that there is a need for public institutions that work effectively to do the things that only government can do. Starve the Beast ideologies are hypocritical and don't protect the citizenry against the abuses of capitalism and Wall Street. Our Democratic republic must protect the interests, the rights and the opportunities for all people. Only a people that works together to cooperate on the key important issues of the day will continue to make the United States a great nation.

  • linwood - 6 years ago

    who is it that moderates always call for civil debates when conservatives are the one that are very nasty and disrespsctful to there rival party member and moderates don't call the republicans out for there racism and there sexism so thats my question 1? question 2 i am a free thinker moderate liberal democrat and i was independent before 2006 i voted for ralph nader in 2000 and i am proud i voted for a man of strong stance against corperate lawmakers in washington but to get to my question do i think that moderates can win as a party or within a party?

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