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What Do You Use As Your Home Phone Service?

Posted 8 years.


  • Andrew Scott - 8 years ago

    Ooma. Theres nothing better or cheaper available now. Ooma is fantastic.

  • jeremy - 8 years ago

    Got so tired of vonage that I switched back to a landline.

  • NullState - 8 years ago

    I use something called Teleblend (voip). It works, and I pay them about $15 every month, but that's about all I know about it.

  • I am using my mobile phone AND Skype. When I need to work with client on something for a long time (I do business consulting a lot) I use Skype - it's just more convenient. Cut my phone line awhile ago.

  • Muhammad - 8 years ago

    Anyone know any good non-old school type of service.

    People use the Broadband VoIP a lot, which service would be the best for that?

  • Jay - 8 years ago

    Pay as you go is much cheaper that a rated plan. Such as is much cheaper for me that vonage, as I pay like $5 bucks a month for 2 separate lines.

  • gordon - 8 years ago

    I think I have to keep my LAN line because of the need for my bellsouth DSL line.
    Does anyone use a air card for web access?..which one?

  • Lea - 8 years ago

    We have a VoIP connection at our house just because my mom doesn't want to delete the phone number. I only use it to call my cell phone when I can't find it.

  • Kathryn - 8 years ago

    It would also be interesting to note, for comparative purposes, how long folks have been without their old school landline. 5 years ago the overall percentage of consumers using alternatives to landlines was very small, but I suspect your audience was also ahead of the curve at that time.

  • Sailendu - 8 years ago

    I use Vonage. The unlimited calls to India saves tons of money

  • Carter - 8 years ago

    Vonage is only choice for me because of the free calls to international landlines in Europe. Saves me $100's a month.

  • Lee - 8 years ago

    I still have the landline for my DSL connection.

  • Jess - 8 years ago

    Not sure how you could beat the $10 Tmobile@Home UMA unlimited calling. Unless you don't want a cell phone.

  • chris pomeroy - 8 years ago

    @Eric: link please to phone based remote entry service?

  • David Lyman - 8 years ago

    I use my mobile phone for most calls, but my "old school landline" has it's uses: 1) Alarm systems
    2) Conference calls (it's embarrassing when my iPhone drops calls, and Skype is much worse)
    3) Disaster recovery (during Hurricane Ike in Houston last year, my mobile did not function a good portion of time, but my landline was solid)

  • Eric L. Steckel - 8 years ago

    I have a landline at home, but rarely make calls from it. I keep it for two reasons- I have it hooked up to my remote entry in my condo, and it's a bundled service with internet and satellite. Otherwise, I stick with the mobile phone.

  • David G. Brown - 8 years ago

    ATT Wireless coverage is pathetic in Woodside.

  • Carter - 8 years ago

    I actually use that very Fisher Price model. It's the only phone I could find with wheels.

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