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Will you watch some/all of Diane Sawyer's World News Debut? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes

  • No

Posted 8 years.


  • annie - 8 years ago

    I actually like Diane, but 6:30 pm news is sooo boring, she should never have left morning tv--look what it did to Katie Couric, her stock only went down. I prefer to watch my news form cable (FOX) where it is presented fair and not soo sugar coated in liberal bias, with love for Obama and the count me out of the nightly news on ABC

  • Jude - 8 years ago

    I hate Diane Sawyer. The only person I hate listening to more than Diane Sawyer is Katie Couric. I'll be gravitating to NBC from now on (unless one of them has a sub).

  • JULIUS MAY - 8 years ago

    I will watch. I think that she will be great as the new anchor this newscast.

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