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Miley TOO Young For Tattoo? (Poll Closed)

  • YES
    12,698 votes

  • NO
    14,234 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • Beth - 8 years ago

    Nahhh, i dont think she's too young. even the haters shouldnt! Just because she is Disney doesnt mean she can't have a normal life haha!

  • david nelson - 8 years ago

    I don't think she is too young to have a tattoo I'm only 17 too and i have a couple of tattoo's i have a sleeve on both arms the same as randy orton's and a band around both of my ankles that say hustle loyalty respect and a koi fish on my chest .

  • Bronagh - 8 years ago

    Yes! i'm 16 and i know so many people my age who got tattoos but who now regret them! something that does actually mean a lot to you can lose its meaning! you shpuld pick what you want and if it still means as much to you like a year later then you get it!

  • Danielle - 8 years ago

    She's 17! She Isn't Too Young For A Tattoo! Gosh Get Over It People! People I Know Have Tattoos && They're All 15 and 16! Yeeesh!

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