The first ASIA ONLINE Music Awards will be coming soon! This music awards is only for online music lovers. Do start voting for your idol and favourite singer now. In year 2009, who is the most popular singer? Who had achieve the most recognition in music? ASIA ONLINE hereby announced the 12 awards that you can vote! Online voting will start on 30 January 2010! Do get ready to vote for your idol NOW!

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ASIA ONLINE 最佳音乐录影带 (Poll Closed)

  • 羅志祥 - 撐腰
    1,828 votes

  • 蔡依林 - 大丈夫
    304 votes

  • 大嘴巴 - 國王皇后
    181 votes

  • 周杰倫 - 稻香
    395 votes

  • 梁文音 - 我不是你想象那麼勇敢
    494 votes


Posted 8 years.