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Second Life Users,why did you register on Facebook?

Posted 8 years.


  • Prettyflower - 7 years ago

    Hmm, this coming from a "Lucifer Midnight"
    Btw, no one can friend you without your accepting the request. Easy answer if you don't like SL profiles - don't friend them!

  • nimil - 8 years ago

    my answer is not on this poll so i will add it in the comments. i used my avatar's name because i do not like to use my real name on the internet. i have gone by "nimil" online since 2001, and just threw in my sl last name because facebook needed a last name. nimil is my real life name in another language. everything else on my facebook with the exception of my location ( i use a town about an hour away, also for my safety) was my rl stuff. rl photos, and rl friends mostly. i did have a few online friends on there and that's why i used my online name, to protect myself against online people. its not safe to have your rl information on the internet, and anyone with brains can tell you that.

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