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ભારતીયોએ વેલેન્ટાઇન ડે મનાવવો જોઇએ ?

Posted 8 years.


  • vani sojitra - 4 years ago

    valentineday manavo ja joiae
    hu pan koik ne love karu 6u mate
    i love u girish

  • RARESH PRAJAPATI - 5 years ago

    Valentine's Day manavavo j joie jena karane 2 premio bhega thae sake

  • sugha bapodara - 6 years ago

    khare khara videsi rasham aapane ane te pan bharatiyoye apanaavavi te sharam janak baabt kahevaay..,

  • Sanjay Patel - 7 years ago

    Valentine's Day, haaaaaaaaaaa, how many Indians or the real lovers know who this so called love guru is? In my sense it a gimmick to celebrate this lovers day. Love is not celebrated for a single day, if it's real and long lasting then it's felling should be enjoyed for the entire life. Now how many lovers love of Valentine's Day celebrators lasts for life time? Valentine's Day celebration is a ploy, deployed by the marketing gurus of the west to sell their products in the name of love. Their propaganda is to gift your so called lovers, and if not gifts then wishes through their ready made, costly printed cards. No materialistic gift is required in true love, it's just a feeling to be shared between them.

    Sanjay Patel.

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