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Rolla Daily News Poll: What do you think should be done with the Uptown Theater?

Posted 8 years.


  • Givemeliberty - 8 years ago

    Maybe the choices should be, "Let the market (i.e., the summation of small decisions made by free people in control of their own resources) decide," or "Don't let the market decide."

    More statistically relevant polls result from having the choices be true alternatives.

  • Melany - 8 years ago

    I can't image the Alumni Association can't find a use for the theater, many Alumni have fond memories of the Uptown. I first saw Platoon there on student night, I'll never forget the slience at the end of that movie.

    Many of the Alumni (the people who own the place) don't want it torn down. If we have the money to tear down and build new, we have the money to renovate, modify and add-on.

  • Givemeliberty - 8 years ago

    If we believe in such a thing as the right to personal property, we should allow an owner who wants to sell, to sell. And if capital is property, and it is, then the buyer may trade his capital for a piece of real estate. If others without an ownership stake in the property can decide whether the owner has control over it, then he doesn't really own it, now does he? Who among us is wise enough to make the correct judgement on how this old building should be used? I certainly think that I'm not in a position to make the decision, and I just didn't "fall off the turnip truck," either.

    Property is the tangible proceeds of your life--your time and energies. Property is not "theft."

  • Amanda W - 8 years ago

    Uptown should be restored, not demolished!

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