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Should taxpayers be allowed to vote on Tax and Fee Increases?

Posted 8 years.

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  • mr tommy - 8 years ago

    A one cent sales tax seems minimal, however, it is a 2 digit tax that is tremendous to a customer - 10%!! Pricing makes a difference - $9.95 sells better than $10.00. It looks and sounds better. A 10% sales tax sounds and is tremendous! The idea that this increase for the sales tax is temporary - don't believe it!! I've never known a tax to go down - only up. I would not want any sales tax increase, however, a 9 3/4 tax would have sounded much better to the people - this shows a lack of their financial savy which has a lot to do with why we are in this situation to begin with. Agreeing to a sales tax increase means that what they have been doing is O.K. and the deficit is O.K. just add more money to cover the wasteful spending! Actually, if you want to increase sales in the city, LOWER the sales tax to 8 3/4%.

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