Which of the following plans do you support most for dairy industry reform? (Poll Closed)

  • Specter-Casey Bill (S-1645)

  • NMPF’s plan

  • Farmers Union Proposal

  • Dairy Price Stabilization program (Holstein Plan)

  • Other

Posted 8 years.


  • Walt Barnes - 8 years ago

    The Specter-Casey Bill covers the whole spectrum of milk pricing policy. It is the only bill ready to be enacted on and could have been in place already if all the "other players" would use logic and reason, and not base their decision on past personality conflicts. We need to support the dairy industry and all producers wallets, not just a select few producers. Cost of production is already in place to use as a variable for regional pricing and has been available for more than 30 years. And until we can convince consumers to drink more milk regularly, we need to do more than talk to our neighbor and kids about consuming milk. More time spent in the dairy aisle of our local markets can turn a consumer into a more regular purchaser. Talk to people as they reach for that gallon of milk of milk and share your story as a producer. People are interested and will listen if we just speak up.

  • Paul DeBoer - 8 years ago

    I feel the reasons we as dairy farmers keep producing more milk, even though we are losing money, is:
    1. All the talk about changing the dairy farm bill in 2012 involves some sort of controlling the amount of milk we produce.
    2. Because of that talk, everyone is going to produce as much milk as they can because they don't know what years they will take our production numbers from.
    3.What the government needs to do is:
    A. Tell us as producers that the year 2010 and beyond will not be included in coming up with an 'allowable milk
    marketing' number for each dairy.
    B. Maybe 'allowable milk marketing' won't happen but at least we know we are gaining nothing for the future by
    producing so much milk now in 2010.

  • Dan Minnis - 8 years ago

    Who's cost of production ? If you think they 330 million americans are going to let 30,000 dairy farmers control the price your nuts. You can't set a minimum price, it will drive us out of the world market and then it will only be a matter of time before all our milk is imported. Beside's look what happened when corn went to $5 , seed, fertilizer , spray all went up and the margin went rigth back to where it was at $2.50 corn. If you set a minimum price your suppliers will just drive the margin back to where it is now.

  • Bryan Gotham - 8 years ago

    Ok let me understand this the free market folks insist the CME is ok with 1-2 trades a day and is a fair representation of a marketplace to value milk because it is the surplus cheese being sold there . The freemarketers beleive its a free market when those who wish to expand are guaranteed a market for that milk because processors get their cost of production through the make allowance. So processors never get signals to cut back on production because they always break even. Also the freemarketers beleive that the Government has limited involvement in todays marketplace already with all the subsidies and grants going to specific farms proping them up. Not to mention this wonderful system the government devised to value milk thats totally controlled by the buyers. Get real people and wake up. We need to be diversified and sustainable in the dairy industry. We want no subsidies, enough money to deal with domestic oversupply ourselves which is funded by farmers not taxpayers, WE DON'T WANT SUBSIDIZED INSURANCE NMPF, we want average cost of production on domestic milk and why don't we have an new export class to make all these globalist happy to get rid of the 5-10% that we don't make any money on anyways today. THERE IS NO MONEY IN EXPORTS FOR THE DAIRY FARMER IT IS A MIRAGE. If there is money in it for dairy farmers than why haven't these numbers been bragged about by NMPF or others. S.1645 is the closest well thought out idea to get these freemarketers off the taxpayers back with subsidies. Lets stop producing the mirage of cheap food with subsidies and pay what it costs to produce it. The money is in the marketplace it just needs to be redistributed. Why does NMPF always reach for the taxpayer dollars instead of the marketplace? Why do they always side with IDFA on so many issues? They do not represent the silent majority of farmers out here. How about you next poll ask.. Do you feel NMPF represents you well in Washington? I am sure a lot of folks will vote.

  • jack powers - 8 years ago

    well guys here we go again. last week s-1645 had 51 percent and nmpf had 35 percent this tells everyone who the big players are now the score is 45 to 32 in favor of nmpf wow talk about funnny games . ITS CLEAR THE BIG GUYS DONT WANT THE COST OF PRODUCTION BECAUSE IT WILL SAVE US ALL. SO JUST DONT SIT THERE VOTE S-1645

  • stacey - 8 years ago

    i cant believe anyone calls whats going on a free market..our co-ops are in bed with the processors,we have dairymen in the southeast broke and paying the haul bill for milk to come in from the west,we have the fed goverment setting the MINIMUM price that we can get paid and expecting processors to pay us over and above that and co-ops that arent and dont have to pay it..our nations in a major recession and and Deans have record profits..hmm sounds like a free market to me.. AND DONT compare us to new zealand ,,they produce 500x more per capitia than they can use and flood the market ,,thats not the model i see for the usa.

  • Dave Wood - 8 years ago

    I find it alarming this poll shows America's milk producers want more government control The free market needs to sort these issues out, not bureacracies. Any time in history when government is involved it always creates a mess that free markets and private individuals eventually have to deal with and fix. Government intervention is a root cause for market distortions, poor transfer of market signals back to producers and, to some degree, probably even the present framework of milk procurement and processing. Look at New Zealand. When the free market strategies were unleashed on the world in the 80's, NZ got rid of their tarrifs on imports, export subsidies, quota system, milk price supports and general industry supports. Granted, it was tough for a year as adjustments were made. Many producers switched to other ag industries, but those that were left dairying became the most profitable, innovative milk producers (and processors) in the world. I'm disappointed Progressive Dairyman didn't have a clear option for free markets. And again, I'm shocked that independent minded milk producers want more government control when that's so clearly been the problem.

  • Walt Kessler - 8 years ago

    We support the S-1645 bill. It will create financial stability instantly as it will establish another pricie discovery mechanism for milk products. The dairy farmer should be able to recoup their costs from the market but the current price discovery system has all the price risk on the dairy farmers shoulders. We don't have make allowances, milk hauling expenses covered, and most of the advertising milk promotions costs paid, for someone else's profit. We must recognized these inadequacies and correct them with legislation as the co-ops can't and co-ops won't work together "CWWT" to protect the investment capital of the individual milk producers that are still out there trying to survive.

  • TONY LOURENCO - 8 years ago


  • roger - 8 years ago

    Of the 4 plans the Spector-Casey bill is best. I think you should not put a quota on family farms. The farms that have more employees than family members working are the reason for over milk prodution. How many thousands of cows does one family need. Theres a farmer who wants to put a 10,000 cow dairy by Nora Illinois. And I've heard he already has 2 other farms that size. These size farms are the ones that should pay a fee to keep milk prices up for family farms.

  • Mary Bower - 8 years ago

    As the mother of a young diaryman (age 23) trying to fufill his calling in life, I support the Specter-Casey Bill (S-1645) to insure that the cost of producing milk will be insured when the milk is sold. As any parent does, we, of course want to see him be successful and we do our best to support our son in this endeavor - from physical labor to mental encouragement. It is heart wrenching to continue month after month watching the struggle to satisfy the ongoing expenses with nothing left. Dairy farmers NEED the Specter-Casey Bill to make it possible for them to retain their dignity and earn a living at their occupation.

  • Loren Lopes - 8 years ago

    I support the Spector-Casey Bill because it corrects the curent pricing by commodities Cheese Butter and Powder that are sold below the cost of production . This bill starts with cost of production pricing, captures all domestic and export market share and than imposes Supply Management nationally. This bill will save the dairy industry in this country and be fair to the dairy producer,processor, and consumer. It will also give a future for young dairy farmers to have an opportunity to succeed.

  • Tony Souza - 8 years ago

    I support the Spector-Casey Bill because it is the only introduced bill that will price milk based on the average cost of production.

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