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How did you feel about LOST's conclusion?

Posted 8 years.

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  • MamaK - 8 years ago

    If I'd had two votes, "amazed Tyler was right about so many things" would have had my second vote. (I'll leave you to wonder if that is really a compliment or not!) I do admit I commented more than once during the show "He nailed that" or "He was right!", so I suppose I lean toward complimenting you on figuring out several plot turns rather than being amazed you were right.

    I selected "it was a great ride" which is similar to "satisfied", but captured my emotions better. Not only was it a great ride, but it is one that keeps us reliving and pondering its significance long after it is over. And I have already begun my campaign to get people who haven't watched to still give it a try!

    I was "disappointed" only because it was goodbye to so many beloved characters and unfinished story lines that had piqued our curiosity and yet were not central to this story. I would have been happy to spend more years letting more stories unfold, such as: what brought Libby to the mental institution, why was Lopedis called to the island and what is his backstory, what happened during the time Hurley was #1 to Ben's #2 and who was on the island with them at that time, and, and, many interesting trails that we could have followed!

    I think it would have been disappointing if they had tried to wrap it all up as if everything was ended or finished...

    The writers were true not only to LOST traditions, but to real life, in that there are no easy answers and we never know everything about events or people, even when we think we do.

    Perfect? No. Constrained by time at the end more than other seasons it was a little less smooth getting the story told. But they captured the love we had for the characters and that they eventually had for each other very well. In the way that any death of someone close to you brings a clarity about what is really important in your memories of that person and in your own life, the LOST ending showed people achieving that kind of clarity as they "remembered". They captured the emotions perfectly, for me.

    And Jimmy Kimmel delighted me when he thanked "Michael" for shooting Ana Lucia! She is the one character other than Widmore that I consistently disliked! So it was ok to see her return as a "dirty" cop who "isn't ready yet"! I would have liked to see others who I enjoyed, like Mr. Eko and Walt, but we can't have everything....

    I am frustrated already that people are responding as though this ending were a cop-out like a dream sequence or something. I think it was much more and hope people will continue to ponder what they think about it, because I think they would come to be more satisfied with the conclusion if they don't write it off too quickly.

    Looking forward to your wrap up, and would love to see the Books & Culture article. Is there a poll where we can guess how many times you mention you were right?!

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