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Which rating do you prefer for this comic? (Poll Closed)

  • Teen (i.e. PG-13) - Cover up the naughty bits and don't go overboard on the suggestive situations.
    53 votes

  • Mature (i.e. Rated R) - Leave the comic as is - I'm a fan of fanservice!
    912 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • Angelique - 7 years ago

    I think that because these girls are in highschool...they should be kept to wearing PG-13 clothes but can still end up in rated R situations...thats a tad more realistic. Also I love your comic!!!!!!

  • GhostEraser - 8 years ago

    Medik47 has the right idea - the comic has to be one you're happy with, the way you want it. I like the sexual tension between Nikki and her roommate. Even though I would have loved to see Nikki have a "forced" lesbian tryst while she was tied up, it's probably better that it didn't happen that way. I like the Rated R, but I'd prefer to have the naughty bits covered but keep the suggestive situations. Nikki's roommate was funny with that police officer!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Medik47 - 8 years ago

    As much as I enjoy the fan service I'm willing to accept what ever you post. Your happiness with story and art will give us, your readers, happiness.

    Thanks for the story and the art. Love the character designs. I don't remember, did you custom design your girls and fae or are you using pre-builts that you are modifying? Of course, I could just re-read your tut.

    Keep up the good work, enjoy everything so far (page 35).

  • Doctor Zuber - 8 years ago

    Mature audience webcomics are very rare, it would be a real shame for this one to go away.

    P.S. For those looking for another mature webcomic you might try

  • Tessa - 8 years ago

    To be honest, I do not see any reason to why a bit of nudity should bother anyone. As long as the comic itself doesn't turn into one big sex show, I have no complains. (It's okay to do whatever will please ya with any other stuff though [like deviantart], people have a choice whether to look or not to look at such stuff, unrelated to whether they want to read the comic.)

  • Joobaloob56 - 8 years ago

    Fanservice FTW. heck, its the reason i started reading this comic

  • Nash - 8 years ago

    Surely noone above the age of eight can be offended by a naked fairy?

    It's not as if the author has depicted any character in an explicit or sexual situation.

  • Arden - 8 years ago

    Pretty conclusive, I should think.

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