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Rammy 2010 Best New Restaurant Finalists. Who is Your Favorite? Who do you think will win?

Posted 7 years.


  • Skylar - 7 years ago

    two words: Bourbon's burger YUM!

  • Lindelle - 7 years ago

    My lips are sealed as to which one I voted for, but I will say that I'm surprised Eventide got the number of votes that they did. Went there on three different occasions and was not really a fan :/

  • Dan French - 7 years ago

    I voted for Birch and Barley for their amazing beer list, wonderful brunch, modern decor, great location, and outdoor seating.

  • Tammy Gordon - 7 years ago

    I love Birch & Barley and Eventide, but I voted for Bourbon Steak. I don't even eat steak and the food is consistently amazing. Great seafood, side items and bar menu. And while it's an expensive joint, it isn't pretentious and there is a wide variety of price ranges depending on your budget.

  • Elizabeth - 7 years ago

    Hands down Bourbon Steak. Service is impeccable, dishes are very creative and fresh, and the cocktails are crafted with mouthwatering perfection. Two Words: Lobster Corndogs!

  • Jessica - 7 years ago

    Bibiana. Good Italian food is rare is DC, so Bibiana is a welcome addition to the DC restaurant scene. The squid ink pasta with crab is incredible and I highly recommend the burrata (a dish I order whenever it is offered on a restaurant menu). Ashok Bajaj deserves the win on this one....

  • Nicole - 7 years ago

    Birch & Barley~
    I love INOX, but it's a little too expensive to go there as often as I'd like.

    B&B has amazing food and great decor. Who wouldn't love a place that has brunch 'til 8pm, but also a rockin' selection of beers and delicious sticky buns and donuts. The decor is whimsical yet organic. And they gave an awesome garage-style wall that is actually a door that can pull up to open outdoor seating.

  • Dee - 7 years ago

    Bibiana for the squid ink pasta dish and the infused limoncellos.

  • JAY - 7 years ago

    Bourbon Steak, for name, concept, and execution.

    NOT Eventide....I'm just saying. ;) Brunch at Eventide was ok...but not memorable.

  • c4c - 7 years ago

    Eventide because they have the most pull with RAMW.

  • lisa - 7 years ago

    just voted for burbob steak. love the bar menu... and the lobster potpie ofcourse!

  • Kaoru - 7 years ago

    Sorry, didn't see the part about saying why I picked BourbonSteak- They're innovative but based on classic flavors, incredibly creative with the menu items, and I love the atmosphere!

  • Olga - 7 years ago

    Birch & Barley!!!!

  • Kaoru - 7 years ago

    Just voted for BourbonSteak!

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