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What grade do you give the Orlando Magic for their Game 5 performance?

Posted 8 years.


  • gaganpreet - 8 years ago

    magic played good lets see how they play in gm 6

  • Notafan - 8 years ago

    The Orlando "Tragic", as my family and I call them, are a disgrace to the NBA. And they know why. Dwight Howard's "unintentional" thrusting of his huge body with his elbow attacks on oppositional players has resulted in eye injuries and facial scratches from his abuse, concussions from elbowing chests and faces between the eyes (a trick bullying kids use), and temporarily sidelining players from his elbowing into the chests of the opposing team. The opposition is now looking like victims of a warzone with arms bandaged up, fingers on both hands bandaged up, one player given a "technical" foul because he walked away when the referee (and I use that term loosely - where did they get these refs who do not seem to know what the rules are) did not call DH for elbowing him with obvious intent to harm him and send him back to the bench for the umpteenth time. Another player will not be able to play the rest of the series because of concussions received from "unintentional" hits by the bully DH. Another limping on the court from muscle spasms and had to be removed, this young man playing sooo hard to make up for his teammates who have been seriously injured by the no class Orlando.
    Winning a series because you harmed the opposition so badly (and they never respond in kind, but show their class by just trying to play the game as it should be played) they can hardly stand up is a new one for me. And I live here and would love to be a fan of the hometeam.
    In my 60 years of watching the NBA this is horrifying and very concerning.
    Shame, shame, shame on the Orlando team, their always angry but inept coach, the managers, owners, and any fans who support this team which should be kicked out of the NBA for good. Patrick Ewing you have always been a class act and I hope you run from this team as fast as you can and find a team you can be proud of. No wonder you have been so quiet since signing with Orlando.
    Puzzled in O-Town.

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