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What's the Orlando Magic's biggest offseason priority?

Posted 8 years.


  • q123 - 8 years ago

    Trade Nelson and the magic will win a championship

  • Sacha Nada - 8 years ago

    Wade and Howard could be the nucleus of the league's best playoff offense and defense. With Nelson and Lewis changed to second team role players (brought in for shooting), the Magic would start two-way players who could run a low-turnover ball-control offense designed to setup the best shot, which Wade always seems to find. The double team on Wade will open up the floor for cuts, curls, and open shots. On defense, without Nelson and Lewis, the Magic's two biggest holes could be plugged. Though Lewis and Carter are baggage during the playoffs, they can help rack up wins during the regular season, so it won't be the end of the world to be stuck with them. As for JJ, keep him. But if he's smart, he would make a great Celtic or Laker. Like Ariza, JJ has the tools to be a cog in a winning machine. Unfortunately, Otis Smith and his cheerleaders trash their cogs, like Alston, in favor hot dogs like Nelson, who sabotaged the Magic's chances in last year's finals, because he's not about winning, he's all about Jameer.

  • scott j rott - 8 years ago

    Everyone can have all these ideas of grandeur, but this team is a business and it is all about the money. Devos didn't become a Billionairre by being lax about the cash....but he demands results ! There are adjustments to be made but in addressing the problematic big dollar contracts, there will be some pain. This team could easily be a 90+M cap team if you let the coaches and fans pick the pieces and still not get the trophy Devos wants at age 86. If you are 20+M in luxury do you have a winner ? There may not be enough food, drinks or jerseys sold to cover that. There are no guarantees but another Carter decision will not only end Otis's tenure but also won't generate any enthusiasm to buy tickets. The big guy [ DH ] doesn't just one ring and he would probably be getting closer to an opt out year . He and his agent are paying close attention to how this years free agent class goes and have the luxury [ ? ] of having a new collective bargaining agreement to sort out. DH's last few statements have given an indication that he doesn't see Stan as being the major problem. ......Foyle, JWill, and AJ are gone . Pietrus has been inconsistent and is at about 5.8M next year. Trade to a team needing an outside shot and player with a history of defense. Minnesota has a lanky Brewer and a couple of young point guards [ and a guy in Spain]. That could be about a 2 for 1 in terms of players and money. Have to keep Gortat not only as a back up but as a part of a different look of going big. Bass ? good thought a year ago but....Than the issue of Lewis and Carter. At 20M next year, Lewis is almost impossible to trade. Carter would be easier but unfortunately maybe not until next Feb. If you trade Pietrus, you have to sign Reddick and Barnes for reasons of defense and outside shooting. In the end, Otis can't blow the team up again because of the mess of untradeable contracts. If they want a chance to get back to the finals , they will go over the cap even further than last year, the bench may not be as deep but hopefully another year of chemistry can make up for it.

  • Henry - 8 years ago

    Why can't we get Wade??? Vince clearly is not going to get the job done. Also we need to keep Bass a true Power Forward. Could you imagine: Howard, Wade, Nelson,Bass and Rashard back to his natural Small Forward.......

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