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How do you feel about our group, On My Honour?

Posted 8 years.


  • Champlain Division Guider - 8 years ago

    I was a Guider in Champlain Division year's ago when all the fundraisers were being done to buy the property - and build the lodge. I even have the 't-shirt'!

    I participated in walks, worked bingo, had garage sales, sold cookies etc etc. I did this fundraising in good faith that it would be used for Camp Tewateno and the new lodge. How can the Canadian Council and Ontario Council now decide they have a right to decide what the money is being spent on. If the fundraising and donation money is not being used for the original purpose advertised - is it not illegal??? Do those donations not have to be refunded?

    I know how hard the people who are on this committee have worked for both Camp Tewateno and for Guiding and the girls. I read somewhere on the site that the main committee has more than 500 years of volunteer hours - and this is how they are treated!

    If this is how the commissioners in charge treat their dedicated volunteers - I am not sure it is an organization that I am proud to have been part of.

    Good luck in your fight and for keeping Camp Tewateno (and other Ontario camps) dream alive.

  • Norma-Jean Nielsen - 8 years ago

    As a girl guide, I attended Çamp Caritou in the 1960's. The fellowship and skills I learned were an important part of my life and influenced my identity and values. The Camp Caritou experience was the highlight of my guiding and summer experiences, and I hope that this property will not be thrown away because of bureaucracy and the whims of non-participants. Please let me know how I can be of help to prevent this injustice to the young woman of our region. NJ

  • Sharon Patrois - 8 years ago

    To everyone who reads the ON MY HONOUR site, spread the word to everyone interested in OUR CAUSE to vote ! Encourage them to read the whole ON MY HONOUR web site so they will become knowledgeable about our fight for our Guiding rights. Go on Face book to contact more supporters for the many Girl Guide Leaders and Girl Guide members who are fighting for the rights of all of our present and future child members! JOIN US!!!!! Sharon Patrois, 30 North Bay Brownies proud member and supporter of ON MY HONOUR!

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