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If Kobe Bryant surpasses Michael Jordan's six titles, should he go down as the greatest player of the modern era?

Posted 8 years.


  • tony - 7 years ago

    Did mj ever lose a nba championship? No. Kobe,yes twice. Mj leads kobe in every single statisical catagory. The only reason kobe will surpass him in points all-time is because mj actually went to college. Mj 6 finals mvps,kobe2. Mj also won defensive player of the year(as a guard)! If not for the 2 year retirement, the bulls would have won 8 in a row. Kobe played 3 of his champonships with one of the 4 greatest centers of all-time. Mj played with maybe one of the top 60 greatest players of all-time. Mj also has more regular season mvps. If i had to pick one player in NBA history to take the final shot to win it all, i would take mj. By the way, his last shot ever in a NBA finals game was to win it all and he did.

  • Big - 7 years ago

    Jordan is the greatest of all time. Crushing teams single handedly. Remember the flu game? Yea he was invulnerable. Jordan gave the NBA its swag.

  • aj - 8 years ago

    Get your facts together, Kobe did not take a back seat, he played bad in one game. If it had not been for Kobe they would have already lost the series. Back seat, do you watch the games? He was torching them and had a darn good series. He avereged 28.6 ppg, along with 8.0 rebounds and 4.0 assist, not to mention the 2.1 steals on the defensive end. Do me a favor, watch the games.

  • Jeff - 8 years ago

    no comparison. Kobe has never won without a center like Jordan and Jordan made his teamates better. Jordan would have never shot 25% from the field in a game seven. spare me media driven Kobe. Jordan never lost an NBA finals. Magic is the greatest Laker

  • Elliot - 8 years ago

    This is a dumb argument. If rings is what you measure the greatness of player by, we should be talking about Bill Russell being the best. What about Robert Horry? Jordan is the best because he willed his team to win and made others around him better. There wasn't a championship series that Jordan didn't leave his imprint on. Kobe took a backseat this year, and he needed some others to take over. Besides, Kobe's 1st three rings was as a wing-man. He was second fiddle, and Shaq was the MVP. Pippen was never the "man" on the Bulls. Everybody and their mama knew what the pecking order was on the Chicago Bulls.

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