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Did you cry seeing 'Toy Story 3'?

Posted 8 years.


  • college boy - 7 years ago

    the touching moment in TS3 would be when Andy gave away Woody to Bonnie.. He sure was hesitated giving his long time friend away.. I sure have tears every time I played that scene again and again..

    But, when I comes to think Andy will end up being a college boy, try imagine him in situation like 'American Pie' or something; he sure forget he ever had toys before.. :)

  • lyzard - 7 years ago

    I just watched it again and for the first time ever it brought a tear to my eye, when Andy said goodbye to his toys

  • Mitch - 7 years ago

    The movie was extremely touching, despite the fact that I didn't cry but I never have and this was the closest I have been to crying in a movie. When the first one came out I was 1 so probably didn't see it for a few years after that and then 5 when toy story 2 came out. Now 12 years later I'm just about 17 and see just how fast we let go of our childhood and it really is a sad thing, this movie really makes me want to be a young kid again when everything is simple. That final scene was a real hard one to sit through I was choking up but no tears were shed.

  • Gil - 8 years ago

    I watched this movie for the first time last night on blu-ray. I was 13 when the first movie came out, 17 when the second came out and 27 when part three came out. That's so crazy. Life goes by too fast. It was so odd for me seeing Andy all grown up.

    Movies that deal with the subjects of growing up, change and letting go of your past always depress me so much and leave me full of goosebumps for days when thinking about them since change and those other topics have been I dare type major issues in my own life. :-(

    These are inspiring films however because life is going to move on rather we like it or not, so it's better to move with it and move with it gracefully because I personally know nothing good comes out of if you don't. Now I don't think anything is wrong with being immature and having fun and acting childish sometimes, but it cannot be a full-time time thing.

    This movie somewhat inspires me to want to give away some of my old toys or at least buy some toys for some needy kids.

    I just turned 28. I am 28-years old....(giant wow.) It's time to start living and thinking like one. :-)

  • nraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - 8 years ago

    Sop nsaad

  • gassy - 8 years ago


  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa - 8 years ago


  • gassy - 8 years ago

    the incinerator scene was funny :D :D

  • gassy - 8 years ago

    Spanish buzz :D

  • tyhyyth - 8 years ago

    ken - im not agirls toy im not!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!

  • dave - 8 years ago


  • rexblunt - 8 years ago

    Oh well here we go!

    I'm really really not the type for crying with movies.
    The one movie that got me crying out loud with the mouth twitching like a baby was The Green Mile!
    Yesterday that happened to me again when i saw the incinerator-scene of Toy Story 3.
    The fact that they where accepting their fate got that mouth twitching again and i was crying like a little girl.
    Fantastic that a kids-movie got me to do that.
    I really love Toy Story so maybe that's a reason or maybe i'm not all that heartless after all!!!!!!!!!
    By the way I'm a 31 year old foreman in road-construction. So didn't see that coming. But i'm not ashamed a lot of men in the theater where sobbing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark K - 8 years ago

    Yes yes yes-I cried at the very end when he gives the toys away and when he's introducing them all to Bonnie (my sisters name). I went in expecting to cuz of the things I read about it making grown men cry. Not such a big deal for me being an emotional gay man. Not afraid to cry. BUT! My boyfriend must be a robot cuz he didn't shed ONE TEAR! And he cries at movies all the time. I think he felt manipulated by the whole scene and said later,"I'm not gonna cry over some CGI characters. We're in our late 40's and worked at Disney World for 15 and 11 yrs respectively and saw the movie on Disney property back in '95. We were blown away by the new technolgy at the time. Being born in '61,I saw and had most of the toys so, to see them being so retro in this digital age is as sad thing in itself. I kept thinking,"What are those poor toys gonna become after Bonnie is through with them?"

  • Glenn - 8 years ago

    Did I cry, Yes, am I ashamed, NO! The bit where Andy's mum walks into his room and it is empty got me, mainly because I know my own mum has done this (she's told me) and then the last play time where he re-introduces the gang right through to Woody's final line. I wasn't the only one either a group of Dads (mid 30s) in the cinema were also all rubbing their faces as we walked out.

  • Alejandra Garcia - 8 years ago

    My weeping started at the begging with the video of Andy playing with the gang, so yeah i cried a lot, it was a really touching movie I loved it and I had the telephone when I was a kid so that was really funny, my boyfriend told me he had the turttle.

  • deeds - 8 years ago

    definitely at the end when Andy is giving the toys to Bonnie--playing with them as his last hoorah before heading off to the adult world. I'm in high school and approaching college in a few years, so it was pretty touching for me. Also because the Toy Story movies were my favorites when I was little and Woody & Buzz pretty much WERE my childhood. Now that their journey with Andy is complete, I feel like my journey with them is complete too.

    I also had a bit of a freak-out when I found out Bo Peep was thrown away. Not cool, Molly, throwing out your older brother's toy's girlfriend. Twerp.

  • JIC - 8 years ago

    I am 17 like Andy and have one more year of high school. I remember when my parents first bought Toy Story and I watched the movie for three straight days because it was so good. It connected with me in way no other movie ever has and, I'm inclined to believe, ever will. My heart was throbbing on the inside the entire length of the movie but nothing compares with the last scene where Andy gives the gang away. That's gonna be me in a year...Thank you Pixar for helping me complete my childhood.

  • RJ - 8 years ago

    Yes i did right at the end i was quiet embarrassed. The movie just makes me want to be a kid again with no worries and always playing. It makes me sad that there are only a very few years that you get this opportunity and you happen to forget all the good times you have as you age...

  • John Murphy - 8 years ago

    I grew up with toy story, i was six when the first one came out and now I am graduating from school heading to university. Watching this film really closed the book on my childhood, so yeah I bawled for the first time ever in a film :(

  • Dale Best - 8 years ago

    I'm a 29-year old guy during Toy Story 3's final scene, I cried like a 40-year old woman cries at The Notebook. My wife laughed at me.

  • Ry - 8 years ago

    my whole family went, because it is a parallel to my life. i was very young when the first came out, and loved toys. now, i just graduated high school a few weeks ago, like andy. i cried big time when andy and daisy played with his toys for the last time and daisy waved goodbye with the toys. in fact, i pretty much bawled over that, because im going off to college too this next year and i always used to play with my toys hours a day when i was young. such imagination! i haven't touched them in years, but i will never forget them, i will always love them. the simplicities and the joys of childhood are something to be cherished.
    my mom cried when the mom came into the room, because in few months thats gonna be wat she is doing with my room.

  • Erin Higgenbotham - 8 years ago

    Yeah. I cried. My mom laughed when I told her, but I was bawling at the incinerator part (although I knew they were going to be fine 'cause it IS a kid's movie), and when Andy played w/ Woody and the gang for the last time. :(

    And now I want a Woody doll. Loved this movie. And the Mexican version of the main song was awesome. :D

  • egrenz - 8 years ago

    I cried at all of the obvious ones -- Andy introducing the gang -- one by one -- to Bonnie, the incinerator and Andy's mom looking at the packed-up room. But I even got weepy at poor, old Buster with his fat little tummy and gray hair! And I'm even weepy now just remembering all the stuff that made me weepy at the theater!

  • MAChristy - 8 years ago

    I have a daughter graduating and leaving for college soon. So, I was bawling all the way through! In fact, I'm tearing up now just thinking of Andy playing with the little girl and all the toys at the end.

  • NJRae - 8 years ago

    At least three time- when they were holding hands, when Andy's Mom walks into his packed room and stops short and says, "Oh Andy" and when Andy gave Woody and the gang to Bonnie.

    One of the things I really love about Pixar films are their heart. There is always a message within the message.

    Toy Story is special to our family- when the first one came out our oldest son was three and our middle son was just shy of two, and naturally we saw it, a couple times. When Toy Story 2 came out our youngest was a week old- it was his first movie. With Toy Story 3 our oldest has just graduated high school and leaves for college in the fall- we all went to see it together,twice,so far.

    I understood EXACTLY what Andy's mom felt when she looked at his empty room. When my son leaned over and saw me crying he said, " Don't worry Mom, Andy's dorm must be MUCH bigger than mine I can't take ALL my stuff."

    I love Pixar, always have, always will.

  • Tricia - 8 years ago

    I cried pretty much through most of the movie. Besides "menopausal" (always a good excuse) my son is almost going to college, he's is a junior this coming year. I remember seeing this movie in the theatre & loved it. We had to buy it & I don't remember how many times we watched it. It's great for kids (& adults) to share. We bought
    "Woody & Buzz" and had alot of fun playing with them. Now my 16 years old son is growing up & this is a true movie showing how my child & so many others have grown up & we miss, although I am very happy with who he has become, that special part & wish that time would come back again. Even writing this I seem to be getting more of that water on my eyes again.
    I want to thank Pixar for sharing how our children have grown up & reminding us of the way the where & how much fun we've had during all these times together.

  • Hagard - 8 years ago

    2 times for me. The first out of pure nostalgia after the opening play scene ended and the Randy Newman theme started up. Was able to hold off until the end when Andy pulls up to the little girl's house and the ending of the movie, the entire Toy Story, becomes clear. From there til the credits, I was a wreck.

    Completely feels like a part of my childhood past is over, complete , after seeing this movie.
    To those reading this who also grew up with the original movie and have not seen Toy Story 3, you are robbing yourself of something amazing.

  • Aaron - 8 years ago

    Great movie! I teared up at the end when Andy was giving Woody away too...especially when I looked at my son and he gave the Woody we brought into the theatre a hug...

  • Joey Two Dicks - 8 years ago

    My hog wept. But I have the clap.

  • Morgan - 8 years ago

    when they all looked at eachother and held hands before they thought they were going to go to the incinerator that was when i LOST it! also when the clown toy told the story about how him, lotso (evil teddy bear!) and big baby were replaced, well i guess just lotso. and how lotso snapped and yelled at the baby she don't want us no more!! so sad! okay well it was probably more than twice.. then kinda when andy's mom saw his empty room and when andy gave bonnie, not daisy sorry, woody! and definitely when woody waved at andy when he was driving away! sad that it's over but extremely happy pixar ended it better than i could've imagined!

  • Reese - 8 years ago

    Damnit. I wasn't crying. I got popcorn salt in my eyes. Twice.

  • Charlette - 8 years ago

    I got teary-eyed when Andy's mom walked in his room and saw how empty it was. Then a few tears fell when they were allabout to go into the incinerator holding hand, but boy did I just let it out when Andy gave Woody away, and I was almost okay until Woody waved goodbye to Andy. That started up again. I just got tears thinking about it. I cant believe they are apart now, its just... Sad.

  • Jennifer - 8 years ago

    The hand holding part was touching. But I didn't cry. But the end....when Andy was playing with the girl and handed over Woody. It reminds me of a story that John Lasseter told after the first Toy Story. He had worked so long on TS and had a doll of Woody in his office. It was after the premiere and he was in an airport and saw a family...a boy had a Woody doll. And John realized that Woody was no longer his. He was all of ours. And that is how I feel about when Andy handed him over. That he no longer belongs to more movies. He's just Woody and now we can do with him what we will. Which is forever remember him as our favorite sheriff. (and we're his favorite deputies!)

  • Robin McCormack - 8 years ago

    I got pretty teary eyed at the holding hands part too. The ending, got me totally. There were a few wet eyes in the audience.

  • johanna - 8 years ago

    I don't know how many times but its was a great movie.

  • b0rderlander - 8 years ago

    I was close in the beginning when Andy's mom walked into his room and stopped, taken aback by it's emptyness. I was close again when they all held hands while headed toward the incinerator. But I held out until the very end, when Andy gave Woody to Daisy. Then it was Niagra Falls for me.

  • juan - 8 years ago

    i f'in lost it when they held hands when falling into the incenerator, it was kinda embarrassing, but i f'in lost it.

  • jason dupay - 8 years ago

    it real good

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