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Is your iPhone 4 experiencing technical difficulties?

Posted 8 years.


  • Select Mobile - 8 years ago

    Only when I hold it!!!

  • john - 8 years ago

    i'm speaking on behalf of my girlfriend here. she had an iphone 4 delivered on friday and straight away had issues with 'no sim' being recognised.
    she factory restored it which didn't work and after ringing orange, who recommended not using the front usb ports of our pc, among other things you would normally try to get it working, they then rang apple for her. They rang her back with the advice to 'wipe the sim with a cloth'. that didn't work surprise surprise so she went to the local apple store. they gave her a new iphone which also didn't work so the guy tried his sim and it seemed to work fine. my girlfriend noticed that his sim was different to hers (she said longer and wider but she's not the most technical of people, i think she means the metal part of the back of the sim card) so they've ordered her a new sim which she has to wait for until tuesday and given her two free weeks rental. she's not happy!

  • George - 8 years ago

    Another reason why I will never own an iPhone.

  • Donnie - 8 years ago

    Damn slow on iPhone 3G.

  • TE - 8 years ago

    After about 20 minutes of being idle. The phone needs to be rebooted to turn back on!!

  • Max - 8 years ago

    I'm having some screen discoloration but what really sucks is the broken camera... after few seconds the camera preview freezes or shows half screen in pink, very funny -.- right now the "lense" won't open at all!

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