Hi my website is //crazymay.wordpress.com and Im doing a blog of dizzywood.com to help people if dizzywood is hard for them.

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Do you like the Kesa Robe?

Posted 8 years.


  • lol princes - 8 years ago

    yeah tht robe is so stuiped on crazymay i donno y u all love her is she a superstar? lol that will never happen last cookie word.com is better in 100000 time try it every 1 trust me

  • dom - 8 years ago

    I reallly dont know i havent tried it.

  • kaumal - 8 years ago

    its nice and cxii ;) anyway i dont want it i want penolpe te puffle on my wishlist anyway add me my name is selena1890

  • Mdarkdargon - 8 years ago

    brenne u r soooo mean! It looks great and she's great! How can u say tht!!!

  • tori - 8 years ago

    add me my name is Silvermist123

  • Sara (XxNiKkIxXmOnStEr) - 8 years ago

    Lovin the robe! Add me on ourworld! my name is XxNiKkIxXmOnStEr

  • brienne - 8 years ago

    it is so ugly and so are u

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