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What is the best Wrestling Promotion?

Posted 7 years.


  • joshua mooneyham - 3 years ago

    wwe sucks

  • chazzzzz - 4 years ago

    WWE really WWE is a joke. THey push people cuz of merchandise sale not cuz of their skills. And 3 bullshit hour of retarded match slow paste and just plain boring. Plus title that are handed to not earned, almost all titles lost their prestige. The only reason Wrestlers dont really talk shit about WWE cuz of the pay and indies wrestlers dont talk shit cuz of the hopes of getting hired by WWE.WWE use to be good but now its a joke. TNA is way better, wrestler preforming their best in each episode. TNA rules

  • Alex - 6 years ago

    Who would vote for TNA? when good WWE Superstars screw up their career by doing drugs, they go to TNA, because it's the next best thing. then, TNA tries to remake the charisma that the superstar once had on WWE, but fail in doing so. or, they can end up like Jeff Hardy, who got fired from WWE for committing 5 felonies with drugs, and now he just travels around with TNA doing meet and greets. TNA now has the charisma enigma, and they don't even put him in matches. WWE has the best talent in the world, and they never fail to give all of their fans a good product, and they don't stop breaking records. WWE is clearly the best choice. this is a long comment, but I'll sum it up for you. DON'T VOTE FOR TNA.

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