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Would You Want To Be One Of Kate Gosselin's Kids?

  • Why the hell not! Those 8 kids have it great!

  • Are you nuts! Kate gives me the creeps!

Posted 7 years.


  • Tara - 7 years ago

    I would love to be them, considering the lives they live and all the amazing opportunities they are given, but i dont think i could survive having Kate as a mom. Jon may have been torn apart by the media, but I think I would have lost it too had I been married to Kate and had to deal with her constant degrading and beittlng comments and behaviou, as well as crazy antics. The kids have a great life, but are going to need serious therapy when they grow up... is that really worth the trade?

  • Lisa M - 7 years ago

    Sign me up! I love watching those little kids -they are a riot! She has her hands full and doing great without JOHN.....I also love Sarah Palin and would love to spend time talking to her! I will join the crew anyday - I don't have a job thanks to our well run government.

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