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What should the San Concord Girls Academy school dress code be ? (Poll Closed)

  • I love manga -use the traditional sexy sailor uniform!
    165 votes

  • Duh, it's a prep school -go with the preppy look!
    417 votes

  • Dude, it's 2010 -they don't need no stinkin dress code!
    485 votes


Posted 8 years.


  • ab - 6 years ago

    so how come the male god rates a loincloth and the female is nude. iI don't object to the nude female or have any interest in looking a penises, but the discrepancy is jarring. a case of unconscious sexism?

  • DudeDeLaDude - 7 years ago

    Preppy, but lose the jacket.

  • michael - 8 years ago

    I notice that the poll results are consistent: go for the greatest amount of visible skin. PJs-->tank top. Rating -->R. Uniform-->show midriff.

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