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Which beast is sexier? (Poll Closed)

  • Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), 'Twilight'/'Eclipse'

  • Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), 'Twilight'/'Eclipse'

Posted 7 years.


  • linda - 7 years ago

    Im sorry but robert Pattinson is fine Iknow i am an older woman but damn i wish i was younger

  • Bella Cullen - 7 years ago

    Edward is without doubt the best, and who do not understand is stupid!!!

  • Deja333 - 7 years ago

    Uhmm I would say the werewolf!! What is his name??....JACOB!!! for one he's built for a teenage. Edward is too skinny and he's an adult

  • Riley - 7 years ago

    ROB!!!!!! and by the way GEORGIA i can use all caps if i want it just shows how much i think rob is hot. If you have a problem with nasty comments then don't leave any. It's our choice to say how ugly Taylor is, we don't look bad it just means whoever likes Rob has great taste.(:

  • becky - 7 years ago

    sorry i meant to say pale about Edward... My bad

  • becky - 7 years ago

    Edward is creepy, and way too tan. He looks like he's on drugs all the time. I don't see how anyone can find him sexy or hot or anything. I dunno??? I guess that look is just not my type. Although I'm a massive Angel lover. But Edward doesn't really have any sex appeal. He's just really creepy. If i was Bella, I would've cheated on Edward, because Jacob is soooo hot!!! I don't see how she can resist Jake. If I was her, I would have no self control.

  • Viktoria - 7 years ago

    Taylor Lautner :D

  • renata - 7 years ago

    Rob oozes sexappeal, he is simply beautiful and sensual. Tay is cute and that's it. And if you come close all you can see is his huge nose ewwwww, how is that sexy?

  • kelsey - 7 years ago

    taylor is alot sexier than rob. rob is not even cute in the first place and he has no abs and hes white. taylor is just sexy. go team jacob

  • KiyaChoosinq - 7 years ago

    smh are yall serious.??? Jacob is wayyyyy hotter than Edward,,Edward is so pale&&weird looking,,Jacob is the total package,so what because of his age&&whtevr else.! Bt hands down,Jacob WON!!!

  • mickey - 7 years ago


  • MICKEY - 7 years ago


  • Waylie S - 7 years ago

    Jacob is an immature, petty, whiney, pathetic, uneducated little boy. Who would want that over a suave, mature man? Plus, hello, he's 108 degree's and smells like a dog. Edward would let her go, if he had to. Jacob will not take NO for an answer. Even though Bella told him she loves Edward. Get a clue, dog.

  • scarlett masen - 7 years ago

    Hey Team Edwards!
    Go to facebook and type in
    "The Official Team Edward Cullen Fan Club Vampire Clan"
    Please join! we have cookies and alyson stoner!!
    spread the word.

  • Georgia - 7 years ago

    Wow there are some negative comments here. Get a grip people, it is all about personal opinion, there is no right or wrong. I am Team Edward, but, I have nothing against Jacob or those who are fans of his or Taylor. The nastiness is really unappealing and only the poster looks bad (HINT: All caps only make you appear to be an idiot).

    On another note, wasn't this poll supposed to be over last night?

  • jacob_4_life - 7 years ago

    Jacob hands down! This isn't even a competition!!!! Edward is not the sexiest beast becuase for one he isn't SEXY, he's 109 years old, he's not alive, he's icy cold, he's pale, and skinny. THEY HAD TO USE MAKE UP TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE HIS BODY WAS EVEN DECENT IN NEW MOON! What's to love there? You tell me when he puts on 30 pounds of muscle and has an 8 pack! Just like JACOB BLACK!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob should definitely win the title of sexiest beast because HE DIDN'T LEAVE! Even if Edward was attempting to protect, look how much he hurt her! Would you want to be with a man like that? And who was there to lift her spirits and mend her broken heart ? MY MAN JACOB BLACK! So, Jacob should win the title of sexiest beast (even though he laready is) becuase he didn't leave, he fights for the girl he loves, he is a good friend, and HAS AN AMAZING BODY WHICH HE WORKED EXTREMELY HARD FOR! WHICH IS WHAT I CLASSIFY AS SEXY!

  • Lolo - 7 years ago

    Robert Pattinson isn't remotely attractive, not to mention untalented. This poll just proves that teenagers ruin everything!

  • van - 7 years ago

    Jacob is just a stupid kid, he does nothing for me. Edward (Rob) is too sexy for this world

  • Riley - 7 years ago


  • Wendy - 7 years ago

    I fell in love with Edward in the books. He will always be the winner to me.

  • Jamie - 7 years ago

    well not only i am i huge fan of taylor lautner, but jacob's body is 108 degrees and all edward does is sparkle like a freak. another thing is jacob has the sexiest abs in the whole world and he always protects bella. he might be a little too confident about himself in eclipse but no need to hate him for that cause he knows he is hot!!!! VOTE FOR JACOB!!!!!!

  • @caahrsilva - 7 years ago

    Foforks heree !\o/ TEAM EDWARD FOREVER ! *-----------*

  • -_- monica-_- - 7 years ago

    @FJ i reeally dont know wat u r talking about its not making sense srry

  • FJ - 7 years ago

    @Monica...then dont hesitate to read the books hitting 75 times now (and thats all 4 books)!

  • -_-monica-_- - 7 years ago

    ok i kinda got it but it dont make sense

  • -_-monica-_- - 7 years ago

    @FJ no a fence but i dint under stand that comment u just ppost

  • FJ - 7 years ago

    @ Monica..Jacob is stubbord and his hot...imaturity are the mother of all fuckups..and thats what Jacob are. How can Jacob be cooler if he is always sweating even if its -10 outside? His abs...what abt it? Beauty without brains...

    I love my EDWARD....** spidermonkey (woosh...blush)***

  • werewolf - 7 years ago

    (:Jacob:)all the way

  • -_-monica-_- - 7 years ago

    why is team edawrd saying team Jacob people are shallow" because we only like his abs" #1 if that's Wat make Taylor hot to us then be it. #2 that's not the only thing we like about him k get it straight. #3 we like his stubbornness its hot k. #4 and we like how he is demanding its really manly. #5 and it doesn't matter how old they are and if its legal for them to date that's just plain dumb to say that. #6 Jacob is way cooler them edward will ever be #7 he is also way hot WITH HIS ABS SO CALL ME SHALL I DONT GIVE A FUCK!!!!!!

  • Tinker - 7 years ago

    Taylor's neck sticks out too far. He can eat fruit off a tree with that neck. Plus that pig nose, and his teeth are bigger than the big bad wolf. Robert is a beautiful man. Hell even Kristen is Team Edward/Rob!

  • Amanda - 7 years ago

    Easy question - Edward is WAY sexier than Jacob partly because, unlike Jacob, he is unselfish and loves Bella more than he loves himself. Jacob is shallow (he pretty much accuses Bella of preferring Edward because he is good-looking & rich, but can't accept that he has good qualities, unlike Edward who actually considered that Jacob might be better for Bella than himself), and emotionally manipulative (say you love me or I'm going off to battle & I'll probably die!) He is also bossy, selfish (he pushes Bella to make a decision even when he knows it will be painful for her), and the sort of man who believes that when a woman says NO she really means YES. If a woman resists you don't worry - she doesn't really know her own mind - just force yourself on her. UGHHH - that is SO disgusting - I hate Jacob, and find it hard to understand how any woman can like him! Maybe it's a masochism thing. As for Rob vs Taylor, Rob is drop dead gorgeous and extremely likeable. Taylor has tiny eyes, a puggy nose and appears to be someone who gets off on all the attention.

  • anson - 7 years ago

    honestly, there is no competition. I love Jacob too , but Edward and Rob is just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys hotter.

  • leez - 7 years ago

    we ALL know Edward is WAYYYYYY hotter than Jacob. And it's not just about Edward's perfect facial features and sexy body, It's also about personality! Edward is protective and understanding while Jacob is a pushy stubborn asshole! Point proven...READ THE BOOKS AND WATCH THE MOVIE! Now:JOIN THE EDWARD CULLEN FANCLUB ON FACEBOOK:!/group.php?gid=144605062231070&ref=ts

  • Tracy - 7 years ago

    Edward and Robert all the way!!!!

  • Yasemin - 7 years ago

    I Love You Rob! He's the best.Robert is great.Rob's very handsome,hot,sweet!
    I Love You So Much!! R O B E R T P A T T I N S O N ! :) ♥

  • Sylvia - 7 years ago

    I voted for Jacob. He is more 'cute' than 'sexy' IMO, but I just don't find Edward to be sexy at all. In the books I hated Edward for beign so condescending towards Bella. For instance, when he left in 'New Moon' I thought it was stupid of him to make that decision for Bella, if she had decided to stay with him despite it beign dangerous, than he should've listened to her and respected her decisions and this isn't the only time he does that, he constantly acts like Bella is child that needs to be taken care off and talked down to. For those reason I could never find him attractive or think of him as 'perfect' or 'romantic'. As for the physical description, sure he is describe as the most beautiful man alive, but I just can't get past the fact that he felt cold and stony to her touch. What is hot or sexy about kissing stone. Jacob may have acted like an ass a couple of times in 'Eclipse' but only because of his passionate personality and the fact that he is young and doesn't know how to handle his feelings for Bella plus the things he's going through after becoming a shifter. As for the actors Rob just doesn't do it for me, most of the candid pics I've seen of him he always looks odd and I don't see what everyone else finds soooo attractive and OMG sexy, even back when he did HP, Taylor is cuter and as he grows older I think he may get sexier.

  • Sarahi Catari - 7 years ago

    Anyway ... We all have a different opinion ... I'm TEAM JACOB (nothing changed), Taylor Lautner is beautiful naturally couple to like girls not made talc XDD ... An exemplary person inadvertently stolen the hearts of many ..!

  • Fatima - 7 years ago

    You don't even have to think about it.... ROB IS THE BEST AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE....Don't you notice??? Taylor Lautner had no fans when Twilight started everyone said he was ABSOLUTELY ugly...........Until he buffed up they started to notice about him
    Rob has always been gorgeous and he doesn't need to eat lots of meet to impress girls....HE IS 100% NATURAL and that's what I love about him and he is SOOOOO down to earth!!!!!!!!


  • Sarahi Catari - 7 years ago

    Jacob... Es una persona real (con virtudes y defectos), un amigo incondicional, simplemente un Hombre enamorado..! Es el chico ideal y Real para cualquier mujer.!!

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    And by the way, as I write this a Vampire Sucks trailer is on. Just thought that I would throw that in for the other diehard fans like me. ;)

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    Edward is the best... Romantic, sweet, caring, selfless... everything. I don't want just anybody to love me. I want to feel passion and sparks and have my stomach flutter everytime my love looks at me and touches me, just like Edward does to Bella. Edward all the way. Real men sparkle. ;)

  • Sarahi Catari - 7 years ago

    JAICOB is the BEST.!!

  • ALex - 7 years ago

    WTF!!!!!! When did pale,sparkley, and gay become sexy?????? TAYLOR LAUTNER ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • Karla(teamedward) - 7 years ago


  • Cameron - 7 years ago

    @Annika Seufert Look about five comments ahead. I already went over all of that.

  • Annika Seufert - 7 years ago

    Edward is definitely sexier than Taylor. To be honest: If Taylor wouldn't have abs less girls would be on Team Jacob. TEAM EDWARD !

  • angelia - 7 years ago


  • Cameron - 7 years ago

    @vampirechild Okay....I didn't understand that comment at all.

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    well if Edward isa pixie call me PixiChild!!!! cuz i dont care if he were to sparkle or not cuz even if he didnt sparkle he would still beat ur beloved DOG in a sexiest beast contest!! and everyone knows that just SOME people just dont want to admit it:D and to stoop that low to ask why vampires sparkle... its because there awesome and were-wolves are not haha have fun with ur DOG :) VampireChild OUT

  • Cameron - 7 years ago

    @Sasha Haha! I totally agree with you! What kind of vampires sparkles in the sun? Only pixies and fairies sparkle.

  • MrsDoctor - 7 years ago

    Look, I don't really care who wins this, (they already kicked off my guy! *sob*) but you guys need to get over yourselves. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion as yours, so get over it and stop bullying each other! Grow up!

  • van - 7 years ago

    There is NOTHING dangerous about him --------- how come? He is super dangerous, he can crush Jacob with one hand, because he is way stronger and faster. He is invincible and has icredibly strong will. He just chose to be good.

  • Sasha - 7 years ago

    Juli:. In what land state or country do you live in? A girl/boy who is 16/17 can fine be someone who is 18/19? Why the hell should that be illegal? lol. Actually, I don't really think Bella deserves Jacob. He is totally blinded by love to and doesn't see how Bella is hurting him. Edward doesn't even have fangs, he sparkle. There is NOTHING dangerous about him. He dosen't want Bella to hang around with her friends. Ruins her track. Dream guy? Hell no.

  • Sharni Wade - 7 years ago

    Totally agree with you Leah

  • leah - 7 years ago

    Cameron, Jacob was not rude to Bella, he grabs her and hurts her. Shakes her. No, I would not do that. To anyone. No, you don't go to someone's wedding and scream and yell and act like a 7 year old. Not when she made it clear she is in love with someone else. Now you may find that funny and awesome. But most normal people do not.

  • Sharni Wade - 7 years ago

    So a guy with anger problems is better than a guy who is really chilled and laid back right sure it is

  • Cameron - 7 years ago

    Okay...1: I would still love Jacob even if Taylor didn't have any abs. 2: The only reason that Jacob 'forcibly kissed Bella' is because he wanted to see if she really did love him. Now really, if you were in love with a guy, and you thought that he loved you too, wouldn't you kiss him? 3: Okay he was rude to Bella at her wedding....WOULDN'T YOU BE?!?!? The person you love has gotten married to someone else. I would be mad and devastated and yell and scream at them. 4: I like Jacob because he is funny, sarcastic, nice, HOT, and just all around awesome!!!

  • Mel - 7 years ago

    If Taylor Lautner didn't have abs no one would be on Team Jacob.... Edward doesn't always take off his shirt and he STILL has waaaaaay more fans!!!! Ha. Edward is sweet, romantic, gorgeous, unselfish, smart, musical, interesting.... I could go on and on! Jacob is just pathetic. Team Edward. End of story.

  • Mrs Molly Pattinson - 7 years ago

    obert pattinson should win without a doubt. too say he is gorgeous would be the understatement of the year. He is draw droppingly stunning- and that is also a understatement. i dont actually think words can describe the look of this man. He literally is the definition of perfection. There is not one single thing wrong with him and I adore him, and would die for him, he truly is the most stunning and amazing man to ever walk the earth.. He's just so beautiful and I don't see how anyone could beat him. So stunning. As for TAYLOR LAUTNER- he looks like he's been hit round the face with a frying pan, he has a pig nose, and how he can even be in the same league as robert pattinson I dont know. he looks like he shares his genes with a pig. and he cant act to save his life. yeah so what he has abbs, i dont even find them attractive, hes just al round ugly. Robert pattinson should win this competition hands down. no doubt about it, so so amazing, and taylor lautner.. the complete opposite of robert pattinson. LOTS OF LOVE, ROBERT PATTINSONS #1 FAN!!!! ROB I LOVE YOU - ANOTHER UNDERSTATEMENT!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Mrs Molly Pattinson - 7 years ago

    as you all know i'm a big big big rob/edward fan.
    if robert pattinson is even put into the same league as jacob/taylor..
    I have no idea what the world has come too.
    there is NO competition between edward and jacob.

  • Sharni Wade - 7 years ago

    Come on people, can we just not get along yes Edward is a man and Jocab is a boy but it's about sexy, and to be quite honest, looks are not every thing, Edward has a great personality and he is the most selfless person i have ever read about, Jacob has anger management issue and he said why don't i just go and die to Bella just so she would kiss him. And talking about Edward being a stalker is totally in valid as he was only doing it to exspress his love for bella, Jake was just like yeah i love you, and Edward is with her nearly all the time and it hurts for him to leave her. So In my opinion Edward is the sexiest beast in this poll. BTW I LOVE YOU EDWARD/ ROBERT

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    @leez ur deff 1 of my best friends cuz until now i had no best friend who likes Edward!!!! apparently until now i had bad taste in friends lol :D and i have to admit when the movies first came out i was team jacob but i am ALL Edward now :D cuz i realized that jacob is a POMPOUS ARROGANT ASS HOLE who NEEDS to be punched in the face by Edward a few times :) and Edward is a Beautiful Gorgeous Sparkly Man whom I adore

  • leez - 7 years ago

    @vampirechild, you are DEFO one of my best friends, along with scarlett and jenn patz and all the rest!! x

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    @leez lol well not ALL of ur 13yr old friends r team jacob cuz thts how old i am and even ME thinks hes ugly and mean and selfish and alots of other stuff :D and also @leez ive been staring at a pic of him too lol im like O_O cuz its SEXY lol

  • Tia - 7 years ago

    I voted for Edward even though the word I would use for him is sexy and beautiful.

  • Hallie J - 7 years ago

    What's with all the debate? Bella wants to be with Edward and loves him more, who would want a great guy like Jake to be with her in the first place? She will not ever feel the same about Jacob. Why tear Edward down because of that? She might not have picked the guy you would have, but it was not your choice. At least respect that.

  • leez - 7 years ago

    @khtice: I totally agree, sum of my 13yr old friends are mad for him, but I guess they have the IQ of an 8year old. THATS WHAT THEY GOT IN RETURN FOR DISSING EDWARD! X

  • khtice - 7 years ago

    I wonder what the average age of team jacob fans are. Like seriously! Only nieve, commercialistic, shallow little girls would like someone better because of muscles. Like seriously! lol

  • mrsedwardcullen - 7 years ago

    our gaw-jess edward is still winning!!! :D!!!

  • leez - 7 years ago

    @VampireChild, thank you for believing me, It seems we've weeded her out cos she's stopped now! But have u seen the Facebook page? It's kinda pathetic, its only got 2 members! AND BOTH OF THEM ARE HER!!! Jks! lol! We no who the real Team Edward's are, because we stand by him throughout thick and thin! COOKIES FOR ALL! (even team jacob's because I feel sorry for them losing, but NON for Monica, the only team jacob people who get these are the ones that are nice to us and respect our opinions! We've got loads of cookies! I love cookies!) lol, I tihnk I'm a bit delusional, I've been staring at a picture of Rptaz for too long! X

  • Milan - 7 years ago

    @VampireChild.. lol yea I know && I will ALWAYS be on team Edward :D

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    @Milan watch out cuz that creep who was stealin evry1s names is after Edward fans so if ur questioned about ur TEAM ur edward lol :D wow that sounded pushy (LIKE A DOG I KNOW!... NOT SAYIN ANY NAMES *COUGH* JACOB!! *COUGH* :D) @EVERYOTHER TEAM EDWARD PERSON!!!! PLZ JOIN OUR GROUP SO U CAN SUPPORT UR SEXY MAN :D LOOK US UP ON FACEBOOK! GO TO GROUPS AND TYPE IN The Official Edward Cullen Fan Club Vampire Clan!!!!!!!!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GOT SEXY AS HELL PICS TOO :D :D :D :D :)

  • Julie - 7 years ago

    @Cassie, no you little twit, An 18 year old with a 16 year old IS illegal. Not BS. I know, you and Jacob will cure poor Bella from her love for Edward. And if you can't well tell her how stupid she is for loving who she chooses to love. In the end, it's all bitterness because JACOB LOSES and IMPRINTS ON A BABY!!! HAHAHAHAHHA
    Team Jacob is all about taking away a choice. Cause Jacob is hot! Not. He looks like a shark.

  • Milan - 7 years ago

    @VampireChild.. LOL me too!!

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    @Milan but boy do i wish twilight was real! (a side from the wolf part :D) cuz if i had an Edward of my very own... SCREW BELLA lol... @REAL leez if u scroll up u can see that isnt the only post she has posted that u like jacob... :|shes said stuff like that with mrscullen, scarlet, you, NOT ME CUZ IF SHE DID... but yea shes been lying cuz she needs more recruits for her "jacob army" and u guys move alot of people so she took yalls name and LIED >:( which pissed me off a smudge but i knew it wasnt you all along! cuz leez wouldnt say that BULL SHIT :D shes Team Edward

  • Milan - 7 years ago

    Lol @ the real leez..... @fake leez.. real men also don't turn into wolves. Lets not forget we're talking about a movie, k?

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    i just KNEW it wasnt you leez!!! you or scarlet!!! that bitch pissin me off!!!!!!!!! cuz i thought at first i lost u guys!!! oh and BTW here Edward lol i forgot to give him to ya oopsies! :)

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    i knew that wasnt you leez!!! hava cookie!!! :D

  • leez - 7 years ago

    Stop stealing my name! I am one-hundred percent Team Edward!! Get your own screen name weirdo!!!! X

  • leez - 7 years ago

    actually MONICA! I know its u, BTW, I'm fukin sick n tired of ur childish games, btw, ur fb group is well funny, u only have 2 members!!! JKS JKS! AND BOTH OF THEM ARE YOU!!!! and Edward is the best thing since the beginnin of earth so step off. I tried 2 b nice last night, but right now, ur just pushin my buttons! xxx

  • jasmine - 7 years ago GO TO THIS website IF YOU ARE A JACOB FAN JOIN THE facebook GROUP IF YOU LOVE JACOB/taylor COME JOIN the club AND SUPPORT HIM

  • leez - 7 years ago

    you guyz r all stupid bitches for choosing edward its all about JACOB get it strait cause real men dont sparkle

  • Milan - 7 years ago

    Ahh yes Edward/Robert is still winning :D && he will win cause he is sexier. @Rachel.. sexiness is not only what's on the outside. Sexiness is appearance, a voice, a look in their eyes, their personality & more. Someones sense of humor could be what is sexy about them. A lot of the people voting for Jacob/Taylor are voting just because of abs & skin color && most of those people voting for him are young girls who have yet to figure out what the true meaning of the word sexy is. Also, everyone wants to say Robert is too pale... hello!!!! He's playing a vampire.. a vampire who has to stay out of sunlight so yes he's going to be pale. He has to be pale or he wouldn't have the role.. just like any other actor out there. Edward's character is sexier & Rob himself is sexier than Jacob/Taylor. Edward/Rob is gonna win this one.. oh and you said what kind of guy watches you sleep.. Edward is a vampire & can no longer sleep so it fascinates him. You say that like he's a regular human sneaking around. And for that matter what kind of guy grabs you by the arm when you want to leave? I would much rather have a vampire who's in love with me watch me sleep than to have him grabbing me when he's mad when he himself said he can't control it fully & the pack leader scarred his wife's face.

  • jasmine - 7 years ago

  • VampireChild - 7 years ago

    @khtice yes that means someone agrees with you lol :D srry that my comments r like DELAYED but its cuz my computer is stupid and obnoxious... kinda like a dog i know? lol :D but yes i agree with you full heartedly look us up on fb if u gots one :) the group is called The Official Edward Cullen Fan Club Vampire Clan if you havent joined allready ;)

  • Sarmo - 7 years ago

    You forgot some not so nice Jacobs lines: he does not care about Bellas feelings, he constantly badmouthing Bellas friends and not only vampires but humans too, he is pushy , he always commands Bella what exactly she must date... he plants her forced kiss and manipulated kiss,,, he physically insults her in wedding day.

    And, please, don't forget that Jacob has problems with his school. Who wants uneducated, rude guy with bad temper?

  • leez - 7 years ago

    aw, c'mon guys, it's common sense that Edward's always been the best! No competition what-so-ever!X

  • Rachel (again) - 7 years ago

    (to Lisa),

    Are you kidding? Since when does tan+muscles not equal sexy?! Are you one of those type into femy guys who have high nasily voices and act AND sound gay? What century do you think you live in, girl?

    Rob IS always pale and DOES always looked stoned. He's to serious and to controlling of Bella- in both books and movies.

    On the other hand, Jacob is fun-loving, a little sarcastic, cute, AND buff. Rob's got nothing on Taylor.

    About Taylor and you're "opinion":

    1. I don't think a 15 year old would have those kind of muscles.
    2. How would YOU know how he kisses? Have you ever kissed Taylor/Jacob?
    3. Brokenback Moutain is about gay COWBOYS. Since when is Jacob a cowboy? Have you ever read the books anyways? His clothes just don't appear out of thin air ya know. And the guys are his pack- his friends. Does that mean the girls you hang out with are lesbians? Are YOU attracted you you're girlfriends?
    3. And he said in the books, "I knew it was a long shot." It's called fighting for something you believe in. He loved Bella and didn't want her to become one of his enemies, therfore, he was trying to stop the process. If you loved someone enough, wouldn't YOU fight for them, also?

    ~ Now, about Edward being a perfect gentleman....

    What kind of guy sneeks into your room at night to watch you sleep without your permission? Yeah, she didn't care later on when she found out, but that's kinda creepy. And he matured? What kind of MATURE guy would be so controlling as to not let his girlfriend see her best friend who was in pain? EVEN IF IT WAS HIS ENEMY?

    So why don't YOU stop "stooping so low as to put your idol on a pedistal." as you so finely put it.

    And sorry to be the one to tell you, but she didn't say ALL teens, she just said teens in general prefer him, and most teen girls do.

    So why don't you shut up and put your money where you mouth is instead of trying to make Edward sound even remotely CLOSE to attractive?!

  • Anusia - 7 years ago

    Both of the characters are very sexy, but if you take in to consideration the actors work and their ability to make a more believable "monster", whose tormented feelings are shown on their face as if they were painted on, there is no contest. Rob has it in the bag, and that to me makes Edward sexier. I mean how dificult must it be to show all those emotions mostly with your eyes. Wow. Just to reiterate, I vote Edward.

  • Annie - 7 years ago


  • Rachel - 7 years ago

    Oh, come on! Taylor is so f-in' hot, it isn't even funny! He's GORGEOUS- always has been, always will be.

    I like Rob, but he always looks like he's stoned.

    But Taylor is hotter- sorry to say, but it's just common sense.

  • leez - 7 years ago

    join the Facebook group above for everything Edward Cullen...we all love him! Don't deny it! Join for regular updates, funny posts and everything Rob and Edward! X

  • aeren - 7 years ago


  • leez - 7 years ago

    http://www. facebook .com/group.php?gid=144605062231070&v=wall (remove spaces)

  • AMANDA - 7 years ago


  • twihard - 7 years ago

    Edward all the way !!!!!!! I mean , Jacob is hot because he takes off his clothes , showing his BODY. But edward is wayyy hotter because he kills all of us by showing his unique gaze& voice.His own sexiness is not shown by taking off clothes. That's what making Edward the sexiest :):)

  • AMANDA - 7 years ago


  • eileen - 7 years ago

    To say that sexy means having abs and being half naked is very shallow. Real sexiness can be found in the sound of a voice, a mysterious smile, romantic words, being a gentleman etc. Edward Cullen is the whole package and much much more....
    Only Robert Pattinson is more sexy, but unfortunately we are not voting for him today.

  • leez - 7 years ago

    we are starting an Edward on Facebook revolution!!! JKS! JOIN NOW IF UR AN EDWARD FAN! FREE COOKIES!

  • Scarlett masen - 7 years ago

    Oops I forgot to mention! Look it up on FACEBOOK!!
    Haha :)

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