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Who is greatest football player in State of Florida history?

Posted 8 years.


  • James - 8 years ago

    Emmit smith and how was Derrick on teams that won 2 champs when they were in 93 and 99?

  • DA - 8 years ago

    Since the question referred to the state of Florida. I am going to focus directly on those last four words, "the state of Florida". Derrick Brooks led Florida State University and the Tampa Bay Bucs (both in the state of Florida) to championships. Although Emmit has more NFL championships, Derrick was on teams in Florida that won two championships in the state of Florida.

  • scott - 8 years ago

    Are you kidding!?!?! Why is Teabow even being discussed. He hasn't done anything in the pros and I honestly doubt that he will. You Gaytors are so obsessed with him that you put him above Emmit, the all time leading rusher in the NFL!?!?! That is ABSURD!!! The longevity and endurance showed by Emmit puts him miles ahead of a guy who hasn't taken a snap in the NFL. Gaytor fans are NUTS!!!

    Regardless, I voted for Derrick Brooks!!! But, that's simply because I'm a Nole and as obsessed with my players as you are! I can't wait to see his induction speech.... I bet he doesn't forget to mention FSU!!!

    Go Noles!

  • epalpatine - 8 years ago

    Emmitt wins here. Although I think Tebow would win in a 3-way poll.

  • Ross Peeler - 8 years ago

    Although both players are great and deserve all the accolades they receive, I think I would have to give the nod, by a slim margin, to Emmitt. I find it interesting that they are both from Pensacola.

  • Joe Parker - 8 years ago

    I'm from Pensacola, Fl and love both players. Both had to over a lot to get where they are today. They both should be in the Hall of Fame. Derrick Brooks is a great player and has won a Super Bowl, but Emmitt has won three Super Bowls and MVP on his team. Enough said.

  • Patricia Sermon - 8 years ago

    The best player should be measured by what they did in college (if applicable), and what they accomplished as a pro. The hell with what type of line they had or the players that they played around. You are either great or you are not. Do people ever think that if Emmitt Smith had not gone to Dallas that Troy, Irvin, or the offensive line, would not have accomplished as much as they did!! Get real, he is one of the most productive running backs in pro football history. Derrick Brooks didn't win a lot of championships with Tampa Bay and they had a pretty good team, what do people say about that.
    Now, if we are only looking at what they accomplished in college (number of games won, etc), then you would have to say Teabow, but will we still say that if Teabow is not great in the pros? Also, remember, Emmitt did not stay for 4 you ever ask yourself what would his numbers have been if he had stayed!!! Enough said.

  • Mike Hadley - 8 years ago

    Really, Tim Tebow is the greatest player to come out of the state of Florida. Derrick Brooks is a GREAT linebacker. Emmitt Smith would never have put up the numbers he did without the BEST offenseive line pro football has ever seen. If Walter Payton would have had the same offensive line, the rushing record would NEVER be broken.

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