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Will the Miami Heat win at least 70 regular-season games in 2010-11?

Posted 8 years.


  • shane carroll - 6 years ago

    i belive that they will win 70 games this year!!!!

  • idk - 8 years ago

    u guys realize lebrons team was way worse than his new team and they won 66 and 61 the past two years

  • svf - 8 years ago

    Chamberlin Baylor and West played together at the twighlight of their careers only

    By the time Chamberlin joined that team, Baylor had no cartilage left in his knee, and Wilt had no offensive game left.

    THe valid comparison is indeed the Jordan teams, and I agree with the Van Gundy brother, this team is better.

    As for the Magic, Otis totally blew it tying up all the cap money in Lewis and Wince, when any of these guys would have liked to play with Dwight. Now , barring a miracle (we get Melo and CP3 or they get hurt) it is LIGHTS OUT FOR THE AMWAY TRAGIC (and no I am not a Heat fan, no one will be rooting harder against them than me. )

  • sjr - 8 years ago

    when did they become "gods" ? There was a time when Chamberlain,. West, Baylor and a 4th all pro [ Hazzard?] were on one team and they didn't win 70 games. That was when the talent pool was not nearly as deep in the NBA. Too much hype, too large of egos...the only real winners will be TV and the manufacturers of jerseys. The players have become the tail that wags the dog and the owners are going to leverage themselves to death. At least this collapse will only break a few thousand people and not the millions of people affected by the financial wizardry on Wallstreet

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