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Who would win between the Gators and the Tuskers?

Posted 8 years.


  • Dan 4 the Canes - 8 years ago

    Gators could probably stay with em for a quarter or so but then that'd be it. Don't forget, the ncaa only lets these college teams practice a minimal amount of times together & with staff. They have to put academics first. These(lets call it semi-pro) players get to practice a LOT more together. Plus they are all stronger from that many more years of weight training and don't have classes and grades to worry about. There are a select few athletes on the gators who are probably better than ANYONE the Tuskers have but overall the experience factor is so lopsided that the student athletes could never make that up.

  • Jim S - 8 years ago

    As usual the writer of this article is full of it! If the Tusker players are so great, why are they playing in an over the hill league? Gator speed would be a big equalizer. The old men might win but it would be close.

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