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Should British Columbians Have A Public Inquiry In Relation To The Sale Of B.C. Rail?

Posted 7 years.


  • Mike Andrews - 7 years ago

    The Campbell Liberal Party is and will always be corrupt.I would feel highly embarassed to be in the same room as Gordon Cambell and his pack of M.L.A.s who stick by him.The wives and family members of the Liberal M.L.A.s must feel very proud to liive with corrupt spouses .If the M.L.A.s lie to taxpayers,I wonder what lies they tell their spouses and friends.Thank Heaven that none of my friends are politicans or lawyers.A inquiry YES.

  • dobbs - 7 years ago

    Recently Shirly Bond said she stands by campbell,how can that little sarcastic witch be proud of herself? You have to be such a lowlife idiot to say she stands by a criminal like campbell, i'll bet her children are not proud of her.

  • trex - 7 years ago

    This poll is a good idea, but we also need to send the government another message. We should band together as a group of at least half the population of BC and refuse to pay our BC taxes for 2010 until we get the real goods on this whole issue. The government will never order a public inquiry, never. What amazes me is that they are so corrupt they do these kinds of things knowing that the electorate will know. That to me is a government out of control. Let's band together and speak with our chequebooks! We need revolt, that's what we need.

  • qwas - 7 years ago

    LIE-berals equal corruption both at the provincial and national level.
    It is just too bad that the NDP (need a new leader) or one of the other fringe parties can't get their act together and come out swinging. Unfortunately we live in a one horse province and the votes will go not to elect a party but to oust a party.

  • qwas - 7 years ago

    LIE-berals equal corruption both at the provincial and national level.
    It is just too bad that the NDP (need a new leader) or one of the other fringe parties can't get their act together and come out swinging. Unfortunately we live in a one horse province and the votes will go not to elect a party but to oust a party.

  • VoxPop - 7 years ago

    The Liberals have become scum on the face of BC politics.
    It's time for a real change.
    Check out:

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    This appeared elsewhere and bears repeating -

    "Police and/or the courts are allowed to seize property deemed to be the “Profits of Crime”. Let’s make damn sure that it happens in the case of those who “profited” from the BC Rail scandal - and for anyone that believes it was only Basi and Virk, I’ve got some great waterfront property in Louisiana that I can let go cheap."

    If thie post by Art on October 20th 2010, 12:01pm is true, let's get some back !!!!!

    Basi and Virk would turn on their "partners-in-crime" in a split second if the alternative was doing time or losing everything.

    We've got to figure out how to make the masterminds behind this thing pay !!!

  • Pat - 7 years ago

    12:15 AM Oct 21 and there has been 48 NO votes. I guess that's all the Liberal MLAs and a couple of aides.

  • Robert Aitken - 7 years ago

    So many questions demanding answers:
    a) If the Premier and his ministers were unaware that two lower level functionaries were considered important enough to be given bribes by rail companies competing for BC Rail, then what kind of government would these companies think BC had if it were run by low level bureaucrats? Mentally incompetents or stupefyed addicts?

    b) Why did it take seven years to offer these "criminals" the opportunity to plea bargain?

    c) What possible believable reason could Premier Campbell and his cabinet have for paying these "criminals" legal fees?

    d) If Campbell and his minions think this seven year trial could have been ended so easily, why was it not done immediately?

    e) Why did Gary Collins leave government so soon after the RCMP raid of his and Basi's offices?

    And on and on.

  • vern barker - 7 years ago

    I don't know who thought of this , but this is a fantastic idea. I think mr. campbell thought this would go away. he is already caught up in something. He says he did not know anything about the plea bargain and then it is reported that the govt. was negotiating as early as oct. 8th. When does this garbage end. I was feeling lost, sad, and betrayed but now I feel better. whoever you are, go people.

  • Dave Smith - 7 years ago

    No. Because they, the government, hold all the cards and will smear the result. What were we fighting for in WW2? We NEED an honest government and a less irresponsible press. Where are they? Dave S.

  • Arthur - 7 years ago

    I had hoped these three men had enough grit to keep the trial going, if for nothing else then to open the door to the sleezy people we elected to represent us. Had they continued, this trial, and not allowed themselves to be "bought" off, we would have learned just how corrupt our Provincial Government is. We hear a lot about the CORRUPT Governments of third World Countries. Well, they should visit with Campbell and learn how to really work it. As for the spinless blind "sheep" that follow him, nothing good can be said. BUT it is the mainstream Media that are responsible for the ending of this trial, if they had done their job, the trial would have been over within 2 years. I do not agree with the statement that the defence keep this trial going, it was CROWN (wrongfully appointed) Justice McKenzie, Gary Bass(who is not fit to wear the uniform of the RCMP) and of COURSE LORD GORDO. Will the citizens of this Province ever learn how much we, the taxpayers, will pay these three men for the rest of their Lives, for their capitualtion????

  • Art - 7 years ago

    Everyone in BC needs to refresh their memory regarding this case. There was sooo much more to this than most of us recall (after all it all started way back in 2001, the raid was in 2003)

    While the court is asking Basi to pay an assessed fine of $75,000, he was given severance pay of $52,000 when he was fired (after given leave with pay). The poor boy apparently has numerous homes or properties (or at least did). The more recent assessments were that he had two homes worth about $1.3 million.

    As a long term resident of BC, who has paid taxes for many years here, and who does not own a home, I resent him not having to give up his. Let him try renting for a while, eh?

    Anyway, we need a thorough investigation into who did what here and who got paid what. Besides the $6 million is pay off, these guys cost years of police and RCMP time, and who knows how the bidding was altered.

    Anyway, to refresh your memory, check this link out:

    It was a real eye-opener as to some of the events most of us probably forgot about a while ago.

  • Greg Davis - 7 years ago

    Paid legal fees=hush money.The B.C. political arena is the laughing stock of Canada. Makes me want to heave.

  • Bill Champion - 7 years ago

    I have no faith in any politician they are ALL lieing pieces of dirt. I for one will be voting in the next election It wont be for the fiberals

  • Cailin Deas as Chilliwack - 7 years ago

    Yes, the public must be given the true facts of this utter scandal - after seven years an apparent plea bargain on the day before Gary Collins was to appear; millions of dolllars of public money wasted, lots of it into the pockets of lawyers.
    This government is not even marginally accountable, if they can escape that fate at all. I have repeatedly asked government officials, including my MLA, John Les, to answer some questions on general topics of democratic practice in B.C. (1) the practice of that basic tenet of democracy , "the rule of law" which states that everyone is equal under the law (2) how B.C. practises separation of powers, so the judiciary is free of interference from the executive branch . No one will answer; needless to say I have a very grave reason for asking.

  • Gord-O - 7 years ago

    Yes the trial was a sham, especially having Basi and Virk's lawyers drag it out for years (paid for by the taxpayers) to sneak in a guilty plea on lesser charges. Charges that really don't reflect the damage and severity of their actions.

    The fact that if ANYONE ELSE had done this, by anyone I mean someone not in a government position, those persons would have gone to JAIL for 2 years, not sit in their comfortable homes eating and drinking their profits while they smirk and sneer at the stupidity that is our court system.

    The courts should also have ordered them *basi/virk* to pay back ALL the systems legal fees as well. There was no need to drag this out for years if they were guilty and they should have been punished for that.

    Sham is a good word Dave-O
    So is PATHETIC for our judicial system.

  • Dave-O - 7 years ago

    This is what the people of BC have been waiting for (the public inquiry) everyone knew even my dog knew the trial was a sham.