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Who would win a bowl matchup between UCF Knights and Florida Gators

Posted 8 years.


  • Jesse - 8 years ago

    C USA WHAT!!! R u kidding me, is that the same conference as the Missouri valley...why would you even write that... And no one really cares about Wednesday night games and attendance because you just don't bottom line compare to the tradition and amount of fans we can pack during an orange and blue scrimmage. The deal is this, we can predict all we want, but at least show respect to a team that kept the state of Florida on the map with championships and heisman as a powerhouse. I would like to see the match up but we realistically know that anything can happen but Florida will win with a healthy team and a tweak of the offense...were quick to turn our backs when they struggle but when it's all said and done the true fans will let you know where to park your bandwagons... Mike bianchi will be driving the wagon labeled Arnold..that's Benedict for those who don't get it!!!! The biggest hater/trader in gator history..

  • UCFknight - 8 years ago

    " If UCF is having such a great year, why on Earth do they have a half full stadium on a Wednesday night ESPN game in Orlando??? "

    Actually, I was there and you are completely wrong.

    The 40,281 in attendance saw the Knights pick up their first C-USA win of the season and helped make up a record crowd. The attendance figure was the fifth-highest for a Wednesday night game since 1993. Only four crowds have been bigger than UCF's Wednesday night total and came at Virginia Tech, Louisville and twice at West Virginia.

    Here is the website:

    Think before you talk DUMBASS

  • coachbob - 8 years ago

    Get real. By the time the season is over, Florida will have recovered somewhat from its poor showings in the first half of the season, and would have no trouble with UCF

  • UCF blows - 8 years ago

    Please stop this non-sense. UCF is still the school that power house teams play to warm up for the real season. Stop comparing a team that plays Buffalo, Rice and other bottom feeder school to UF who plays in the SEC. If UF played the same schedule as UCF or FSU, we would have zero or one loss respectively. If UCF is having such a great year, why on Earth do they have a half full stadium on a Wednesday night ESPN game in Orlando??? Meanwhile, UF has sold out every game since 1989, even during the Zook years and this down year. Knights blow.

  • Knightmare - 8 years ago

    All UF fans/alum are still recovering from the loss of their "Golden Boy" Tim Tebow. The short-lived time of UF being the definition of football in the state of Florida has finally come to an end. If this were to go down, I think it would be a defensive shootout with the outcome depending on whose special teams bring their A-game...Go Knights!

  • J - 8 years ago

    He'll no, not in their "best" day!!!

    Their coach should be coaching a sisters of the poor school--if he didn't lie on his resume!!!

  • Mrs. D - 8 years ago

    Lena's gone; Is it a coincidence that Lena & Vergos both passed this spring? Sounds like they're both rooting for our Knights to me...can we get Jimmy Buffett for the halftime show? He does a nice rendition of Beale St. Blues and Walking in Memphis. Save me a couple of spots at the Rendezvous

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