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Best domain ( for a site that brings together sponsors and developers of apps that help low-income people better their lives.

Posted 8 years.


  • james keller - 8 years ago

    While applications for change certainly has the best ring to it -I would be wary of the political weight of the word 'change' right now. I think something more neutral would have more longevity/relevance.

  • Leo - 8 years ago

    I propose a new name: RedxApp. (Read: Red Cross App) which is true to its name, a website that is meant to help people, just like what red cross does)

  • Leo - 8 years ago


  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    I simply love the word "Change" so I voted for the #2.

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    Second choice would be applicationsforchange...apps just feels more current. Also, this preference hinges on the double meaning of change as social good and as money...assuming the sponsorship involves some sort of compensation to the developer.

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