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Should integrity issues keep Cam Newton from winning the Heisman Trophy?

Posted 8 years.


  • Tony - 8 years ago

    These allegations came out in January 2010, and the SEC chose not to investigate due to "time constraints". While I believe in innocent until proven guilty, it's clear that since the SEC and the NCAA are stalling until after the Heisman vote (not to mention the national championship). The NCAA and the BCS are looking more corrupt every day; I'm looking forward to them being squashed by congress. Let these schools get their federal funding somewhere else if they aren't going to play by the rules.

  • randy stewart - 8 years ago

    I think integrity is important to the election process. It is generally agreed CAM had an issue w/ the laptop...perhaps he DID buy it out of the trunk of a car...perhaps not...perhaps he DID put his name to another's test exam...perhaps not...perhaps he had OTHER cheating in academics issues...perhaps not...

    regards LMJ -- see he has been named to the PAC 10 all academic first team.

    "James, the nation’s leading rusher, carries a 3.01 grade point average in Sociology and adds the academic honor to his already impressive list of achievements on the field. A semifinalist for the Maxwell Award, recognizing the outstanding player in college football, and Doak Walker Award, given annually to the nation’s top running back, the Texarkana, Texas, native is the first UO running back since Eric Winn in 1997 to earn conference all-academic honors."

    Regards huis brush with the law.....happy to discuss details but suffice to say it was his soon-2-be ex girlfriend that came to HIS house and confronted LMJ, grabbed his keys, and was pushed by LMJ in his attempt to get them back. THAT IS IT.

    I am very comfortable with how he is handling himself.


  • cam newtin is innocent - 8 years ago

    Oregon running back LaMichael James, one of the top freshmen in the nation, was arrested on domestic violence charges after his girlfriend said he grabbed her neck during an argument and pushed her to the ground.
    James, 20, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of menacing, strangulation and assault. He remained in the Lane County Jail on $40,000 bail, according to a jail deputy. His attorney, Michael Buseman, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.________________________Now theres integrity for you let's give the Heisman to him. Doesn't matter that he don't have the numbers or near the tallent that Cam Newton does. Let's just run with allegations and not vote for Cam. What a bunch of A holes!

  • Terra - 8 years ago

    Your job is to vote for the best athelete. Do your job and let the NCAA do its job. If this all falls aprt and he is not guilty, and he doesn't get the Heisman, you should be arrested. By the way I am an Ohio State fan, not an Auburn fan, I just know the best football player when I see it. People like you have ruined this sport.

  • Jill - 8 years ago

    I can't believe what I am reading! Is this about Cam Newton, or about the guy who wrote the article? Just stick to the point, which is whether or not Newton deserves the Heisman. Instead of defending Newton, if that is your stance, why are you trying to make this about Mike? I'm an Auburn fan, too and would like to see them go on to win the national championship. Cam Newton is a great athlete, but there's more going on here. If he has committed any of these violations, he should not be eligible to play nor should he win the Heisman. If you want to defend him, defend him, but not by calling Mike a piece of trash or even worse. That just makes you look like you have no upbringing. Your mamas would be appalled.

  • Ann Wooldridge - 8 years ago

    There has been nothing proven yet on Cameron. It is strange that this was known back in January and in July, so why has this person decided to bring this all out now. You are innocent until proven guilty. They wanted this out now this late in the season to be vindictive towar Cam and AUBURN but both are going to come out on top. The ones who vote for the Heisman are wanting to run scared and not vote for him. If anyone deserves this award it is Cameron Newton. GO AUBURN TIRERS GO WAR EAGLE.

  • Charles - 8 years ago

    Is innocent until proven guilty still the American way? Stop hatin on Cam, he's doing all his talking on the football field. GO AU!!!

  • ed - 8 years ago

    Cam has hired the Cocharn Firm and they are coming after the ASSets of all you scumbag Bob Woodward wannabees.

  • Phil - 8 years ago

    Mike you look funny, nice GOAT

  • You cant have a vote - 8 years ago

    Mike, there is no way you actually have a Heisman vote, you not only know nothing about football, but you simply have no common sense and your attempt at journalism is a complete fail, evident by your terrible article and your charged poll. Some voters might actually beable to make a case against Cam Newton for Heisman, but your reasoning fails in every way. I wish people would look at the facts that are minimal at best. A former MSU player was talking to another formey MSU player, saying it would take money to get him, not only did Cam not go there, but there are no allegations against Auburn University, if any NCAA violation was made, it looks to be made by that of MSU.

  • Angry Reader - 8 years ago

    The bias that infiltrates this poll is a disgrace to journalism. I must say the manner in which you pose the question responses is leading and is in violation of one of the elementary concepts for the formulation of survey questions that are gaged to truly test the pulse of society. Mike Bianchi you are a rookie, and the Orlando Sentinel has likely lost credibility among many.

  • lexi - 8 years ago

    Nobody is completely spotless... even Cam Newton. I don't think that he did any thing wrong, the charges about the laptop were dropped because they couldn't find a connection or he didn't do anything illegal. I hope this will turn out the same way. WAR EAGLE and CAM FOR HEISMAN!

  • Dan in Daytona - 8 years ago

    Come on Mike! Don't be like those tea baggers. Solder's died for our rights and freedom. Cam has been convicted of nothing! He's OK by the US Constitution, but guilty by a little opinionated keyboard hack who wouldn't know which side of a jock strap was front or back. You never laced up anything athletic wise,did you? Just another clueless taking head wanna be tough guy. Play a game my man. That article screams"wimp."

  • Jittery John - 8 years ago

    So you're philosophy is "Guilty until proven innocent". Glad you're a hack and not a judge!

  • Ian Protheroe - 8 years ago

    College Football is big business involving huge amounts of money.I would be surprised if any SEC or major college team is't implicated in these sorts of shenanigans. Cam Newton may well have been tainted by this incident, but I suspect he is not alone.

    The power and financial opprtunities presented by future NFL contracts means agents and players will always be looking to maximise their earnings at the earliest possible time. Its the American Dream people - live with it!

    And Cam Newton should be judged on his PLAYING abilitybalone.

  • Sheree - 8 years ago

    I understand the comments. What I do not understand is why would someone with the potential to earn as much or more than the top paid quarterback, the former OKLA quarterback, Sam Bradford, risk all of that for $200,000.00.

    If any of this were true, why are we just now hearing about this after Auburn is ranked 1 or 2 in the BCS. Jealousy is a terrible bed fellow.

    Reporting should be about truth and integrity. Not speculation.

  • matt - 8 years ago

    I agree with the 98% of the comments on here. You are a disgrace to the sports world! How in the heck you got a Heisman vote I don't know! You have helped destroy a kids reputation. He made a mistake at Florida and has since apologized numerous times, where he said he should've known better (Great article by SI on that incident). He went to Blinn CC where he had to paint his own field/stadium and worked his way back to playing for a great SEC program. Since arriving at Auburn University he has been nothing but a class act!

    Here are a few links you should watch/read Mr. Bianchi before writing such a sad article!

    I hope you apologize personally to Cam Newton, so just maybe you will get some of YOUR integrity back!

  • MattM81 - 8 years ago

    How can you make this kind of statement about this young man when there has been no allegation even brought against him or Auburn University. Show me the proof that Cam Newton did anything wrong before you make such a ridiculous statement. Gator hate is abundant when the season is not going well... Terrible excuse for a journalist. You should be embarrassed

  • Jim Scott - 8 years ago

    BTW Mike, Even the parties involved in this "rumor" are now backtracking and waffling, so I suppose you will simply ignore that and continue your vindetta and try and destroy this kid and Auburn University. Your motives are becoming clearer and clearer. Classical behavior from Gator land.

  • Jim Scott - 8 years ago

    Mike, your bias is showing out your rear end and most people know it, and you call yourself a professional. This kid received a stolen laptop at Florida and didn't know it was stolen. He was cleared. Hear that Mike, CLEARED! Secondly, your bias is based upon RUMOR and nothing more. Great show for an alleged unbiased professional! Most sane people do not respect YOU for your biasd position and pre-judgmental attitude toward this kid. He's obviously the most outstanding player in college football this year and I think most people will ignore you and vote for Cameron Newton. Perhaps you're bittler because ole CUM doesn't have him to succeed Tebow. You stink as a professional with a forum to air your biased opinions and judgmental attitude. Thank God there's other sportswriters who are not as low as you are and unprofessional.

  • Billie C. Ocean - 8 years ago

    Bianchi u r a joke. U r making a judgement off of what someone says. U dont even knoe if it;s true or not. Come on man. And by the way there have been 30 players arrested at UF since Urban showed up and the only reason u dont like Cam Newton is because u now see that he is much better than ur beloved Tim Tebow. There definately wudve been a QB controversey so thats why Urban let Cam go and also why ur judgement is what it is. Ur employers shud fire ur dumb ass.

  • Pat - 8 years ago

    What a totally irrational, biased, and unintelligent article. Even if I didn't like Newton, I would not be able to follow your reasoning or your assumption of facts. First of all Newton did not steal the computer. Second of all, this agent guy is being investigated for misrepresenting/lying on many different occassions to many different people. How can you personally take this guys word over anyone in the country. Maybe over a murderer. This could very well be a ploy to get a book deal.

    And I find it very interesting that you are a gaytor lover. Hence forth the Urban Meyer/ Mullen/ Bianchi connection. All of you are pissed that Newton is not at Florida and/or Miss. St. You don't want anyone who left FLA or dissed Miss St. should win it. That is not how you are supposed to vote for this award. I for one will be pulling for you to be fired for ineptitude and for the gaytors to make it to ATL. Newton will destroy the gaytors.

    Also, I hope you leave Newton off your ballot. I think that the heisman organization should issue a statement before the vote that they approve of all of the candidates integrity. Anyone who leaves Newton off of their ballot should lose their voting priviledges for the future. Peace out loser.

  • Terry Ingram - 8 years ago

    You are pathetic example of a human being. I suppose you had a terrible childhood or something. How would you know about integrity when you have none. May God have mercy on your soul....

  • Phillip - 8 years ago

    "Newton has legal issues, potential NCAA issues and who knows what other issues on his resume."
    Legal issues: He doesn't have a record...charges dropped.
    Potential NCAA issues: Let me put emphasis on the word "potential." More than likely Cam did nothing. Cam didn't ask for money. it was his apparent criminal agent.
    Who knows what other issues: You don't, so what are you worried about. Is he too black for you?
    If you knew anything about Cam, you would probably know he drives a scooter. I'm not gonna lie. If my family came across $200,000, and i was driving a scooter, I would be pissed...esp with the way the weather is in Auburn right now.

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    And that is know not no

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    You are a biased "writer" if you can even call yourself that now. YOu no nothing about AU football. GO worry about UCF and what powerhouse they will be playing Sat. YOu are a peice of shit just like Thayer Evans.

  • Brad - 8 years ago

    You sound like a real dumb ass. I am sure that you are full of integrity making min. wage writing stupid ass articles like this. Get a life!!!! You sound like the type of fruit cake that would vote for a punter for heisman.

  • You're Done - 8 years ago

    I truly feel sorry for you. You must be one of the most pathetic journalists in the long line of (modern day) pathetic journalists. The only thing more dissapointing than your article is you charged poll to which there is no correct answer. I hope by now you've realized that your cute little article makes you look like the dumbass-which I'm confident you are.

    Also, if the Orlando Sentinal has any class whatsoever you will be fired by Monday. Don't your articles have to be checked by an editor? I guess he's as inept as you.

    Hope you never want to step in the state of Alabama ever again.

  • Doug - 8 years ago

    Apparently the entire OJ Simpson jury is voting and posting on this story! I would hate to think that all of these people are turning a blind eye to honesty and integrity so that must be the only explanation. I am surprised that enough people looked away from The View and Oprah long enough to read this column. Newton isn't even the best player in CFB. ALL OF YOU would support Bush keeping his Heisman as well. I think players should get paid, but that doesn't change the fact that this guy has broken the rules. If he was a UM player, this poll would be unanimous. Against him. He will be judged and BTW, he didn't have the Laptop charges dropped. They were expunged and that is totally different. He admitted guilt and attended a program to keep his record clean, again a good thing. Breaking NCAA rules and taking a scholarship away from an honest deserving student-athlete is despicable. Kinda like defending a cheater.

  • Randy - 8 years ago

    Give the guy a break. All charges were droped in the computer case, this is just some DA trying to get Newtons mind off the game.

  • Ty - 8 years ago

    You thinking makes NO SENSE. Cam Newton was never convicted of anything at Florida...ANYTHING. The NCAA investigation so far has not proved Cam Newton or his family solicted any money. The only person involved right now is Kenny Rogers.

    So your judgement is based on nothing more then your opinion and not on facts. WOW...UNBELIEVABLE. I didn't know this country convicted people of people making accusations.

    With that thinking...I could say you are a terrible sports reporter and the newspaper should just go ahead and fire you because I am making an accusation and it should be taken for fact. How do you still have a Heisman vote?????

  • Andrew - 8 years ago

    Really.... Why would you jump to conclusion this fast. And if you are just going to assume then just go ahead and be real and assume every heisman candidate has recieved improper benifits at some point in college, which by your logic means you shouldn't vote for anyone. If you are making assumptions, then just go ahead and make all the rational assumptions of players.

  • Morris - 8 years ago

    First of all it is amazing how people turn on you in a second when a bad story gets out about you. There has not been any evidence presented but Cam is already convicted. I think this really sucks in America we always want to tear people down and find the negative in them. Cam is human and let me tell you something we need to come down on these agents not these kids.

  • summer - 8 years ago

    I think you should vote for the best player and Newton is the best at this point. Are you just mad because he broke Tim Tebow's record and the season is not even over yet. You never judge a book by it's cover. Cam was 18 when the labtop situation came up. I know for a fact I was not very bright at 18. Was you? All of this other mess is he said she said bull crap wait for the NCAA to get through and find the facts out.

  • Jody Lehman - 8 years ago

    Had to weigh in again after reading this rediculous statement above: "
    I think it is ridiculous that a grown man would judge another's integrity based on his actions as an 18-year-old..."

    I thought an 18 year old WAS a grown man. Or is he a "kid" if he's still in school or home playing video games or out getting into trouble, but a man if he's overseas fighting a war?

  • Jody Lehman - 8 years ago

    Sad to see the results of this poll. Integrity apparently is not the issue it used to be.

    I'd like to point to Bill Clinton, but don't want to politicize this. However, when people shrugged their shoulders at his infractions, and seemed to think that private indiscretions have no relation to public trust, I lost hope for our future.

  • Troy - 8 years ago

    This is the kind of crap that got you fired here in Jacksonville. You are such a Gator homer. God forbid an 18 year old makes a mistake. You should take you vote and shove it, that is a better use of your vote.

  • walt cook - 8 years ago

    A sign of our integrity as a people and country. Nobody seems to care about interity, honor or truth, just who beats who, right or wrong

  • Tim C - 8 years ago

    I understand that you dont want a tainted heisman winner especially after the Reggie Bush crap-o-rama
    however the heisman trust stood behind Reggie until he was PROVEN guilty. Hell the federal government says innocent until proven guilty, im not gonna crucify you because of your article i simply ask this. can we please withhold judgement of a 21 year old kid until he is proven guilty or at least until there is anything other than heresay. i also would like to point out that if Rodgers acted without Cam's Knowledge or approval he is a scum bag and took advantage of an 19-20 year old kid and still Cam is innocent.

  • Samantha - 8 years ago

    I am glad my momma raised a lady after reading this garbage. How quick you are to judge. Just because someone says something does not mean it is the truth. There has been, to my knowledge, ZERO evidence that Newton, his family, or Auburn had anything to do with this guys representing himself as Newtons speakers. There has been ZERO evidence that Newton ever took any money from anyone. This matter was investigated by the SEC and nothing was found. People like you are why the public thinks journalist are as crooked as politicians. I pray that the attorney that Mr Newton has attained has a civil background and that you have deep pockets sir. You should be fired or suspended for writing non sense like this. You should be ashamed of yourself. The last time I looked you are convicted of something before being punished. To punish Newton and say he doesn't deserve the award for the best player in the country, which he clearly is, because of a man under investigation for MISREPRESENTING himself in the NFL for money shows how truly ignorant you must be!

  • vinniewho - 8 years ago

    What a piece of garbage! Your entire argument, including the polling question, assumes that the charges, trial, and verdict all went against the kid. Therefore, according to your presumtive and destructive reasoning and assumtions he does not have integrity. You, Mr. Bianchi, are the one with the integrity problem and you convicted yourself with your bias.

  • Candice Weatherby - 8 years ago

    This article is pure trash. I don't know much of football, but you sir, have absolutely No journalistic ethics or integrity of your own, as proven by your late researched addendum. The addendum says it all about your journalistic skills. Your mind was made up before you eat crow and realize your other top candidate has issues too. Oooooops. Research your trash. A journalist, much more one who blogs for ESPN, should know ethics, and honest journalism are true values of a good writer. You sir, are a piece of trash, and your article wreaks of trash. You should write for Hollywood, because they don't deny their crucifixition of each other.

  • Tim - 8 years ago

    This article is real trash and doest deserve the bandwidth or pixels on my screen.

  • Jonathan - 8 years ago

    It takes a real piece of work to write an article like this. Those are my feelings.

  • JC - 8 years ago

    Completely agree with Joe and Fowler. Self-righteous and rush to judgement. Let's just take a deep breath and not be like every other American who's knee jerk reaction is to scream, "HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! and let's persecute him. Have never heard of you before today, and hope to never have to run across your column again.

  • Joe - 8 years ago

    I think it is ridiculous that a grown man would judge another's integrity based on his actions as an 18-year-old and some allegations (keep in mind that no one has alleged that Newton or his family did anything wrong with respect to his decision to attend Auburn). I guess you have never made a mistake or a bad decision, because if you had you probably wouldn't want others to judge you on just that mistake. This is the most hypocritical column I have ever read. How do you sleep at night with all the pent-up self-righteousness?

  • GuamGator - 8 years ago

    I agree with Mike B. The laptop issue alone is enough to disquality Newton from the Heisman. Yes, the charges were later dropped, most likely because it was a first offense. However, Newton through the laptop out the window when the cops arrived. Does this sound like the action that someone would take if they thought the laptop belonged to them? I think not. What we have with Newton is a character issue - enough said!

  • akldlasjldka - 8 years ago

    If you want integrity in your Heisman Trophy winner, you can't vote for Lamichael James now either. He was arrested for domestic violence and found guilty on the charges of physical harassment and placed on 24 months probation. At least the charges were dropped in the laptop situation.

  • Fowler78 - 8 years ago

    Why make judgement on allegations? Why don't you wait til all the facts are out you DA!? I guess you know he took $ huh?

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