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Which Company Is Worse? (Poll Closed)

  • Menu Foods
    4,227 votes

  • Comcast
    10,128 votes


Posted 10 years.


  • KomKastic Hater - 10 years ago

    Where did you people buy your last pet? The "Dog Pound" Puts to death pets every day since they dont find homes. For me I vote comcast. They really suck big time. But I do realize that its not just comcast. Its ALL corporations now in America and abroad. Besides, How do you know comcast isnt killing kittens?

  • missmoppet - 10 years ago

    Menu food is responsible for many hundreds of deaths, we will never know how many. There are people still struggling to pay vet bills accumulated because their animals were poisoned by them. There are still animals suffering and dying from kidney damage resulting from menu foods negligence, and owners tring to raise funds to pay for the treatments they now need. I'm not sure why they even compare the to. Just because they are both corporate crimes doesn't make them comparable. Mass murder vs. standard swindling and spying? I'll take being swindled and spied on any day. At least one expects that in America, although I guess now we need to expect to be sold poisoned food as well.

  • Mother Nature - 10 years ago

    I guess there are more people with comcast, than own a pet. EVEN if you do not own a pet, don't you think killing one of Gods creatures is Terrible ?
    Thousands of pets were killed. I lost my little dog. WAKE UP AMERICA and GROW A PAIR, killing pets is far more WORSE than Comcast. Have all you people no HEART ????

  • Franz Lezarde - 10 years ago

    This is obviously an unloaded question -- Comcast has such a huge customer base they're bound to draw more dissatisfied people than MF. I'd say most people who've been F'd by MF don't even know they've been done. Until I got an email from a friend who's an animal activist, and began googling (another suckup to the Chinese) MF, I wasn't even sure about the extent of their crimes upon humanity and our best friends. I wonder what's next in MF's pathetic "comparitive hate factor" campaign: Who's the bigger killer? MF or HIV/AIDS? Who's more evil? MF, al Qaeda, or North Korea? This is almost a Cheney-esque question.

  • Jessica - 10 years ago

    I don't know any of them!♥

  • Rhyss - 10 years ago

    I appreciate that bad service is a pain in the a** - however, being annoyed is not being dead. There are more pet owners now then ever in the US. And as I've seen mentioned more then once - the pet food crisis is the canary in the coal mine. I love my kitties, but I love my mom too. I don't want either of them to eat food tainited with plastc, antifreeze, tylenol or anything not listed on the ingrediants. Don't be short-sighted.

  • Kathry - 10 years ago

    Considering I have never had a real serious problem with Comcast (just verizon), and menu foods killed a bunch of pets..... you know how I voted. Forget about the money and frustration of Comcast and think of all the hundreds/thousands of people out there feel about their pet being murdered.

  • Leslie - 10 years ago

    I can't believe anyone could even begin to compare the 2 companies.1 is a monopoly,expensive & a pain to deal with. The 2nd one is a poison which kills or cripples and causes endless heartache and expense and pain.I can live without cable,but not without food.

  • Diane - 10 years ago

    Are you SERIOUS?? Menufood BY FAR! Without a safe food supply for pets as well as humans; you won't have to WORRY about file sharing! Pets are the first to go, then they go after us~hasn't ANYONE been following all the recalls on the Consumer Report or Consumer Union sites??? Don't count on your little news anchors or the big news bureaus~just HOW much have YOU heard about the pet food recalls since last spring? Not much~but that doesn't make the problems go away~just out of sight; out of mind.....There is a SERIOUS problem out there people.

  • Jane Stolar - 10 years ago

    I'm sorry, BuffaloUS. That's awful. I voted for Comcast but I think I should've voted for Menu foods.

  • Testicular Fortitude - 10 years ago

    All of Menu Foods execs are going straight to hell. But above all I hope the rest of their lives are hell on Earth for what they did to puppies and kittens everywhere.

  • BuffaloUS - 10 years ago

    As somebody personally affected by the Menu Foods disaster (my cat in the emergency room with end-stage renal failure for 4 days, a mountain of bills, life span likely by 3 or more years according to my vet, and an expensive set of medication and special foods to protect what's left of his renal function for the rest of his shortened life), you can guess how I voted.

    Don't get me wrong, I hate Comcast as much as the next guy, but seriously... the incompetence, and ensuing clusterf*ck I got to deal with as a customer of Menu Foods clearly outweighs my cable internet service being overpriced and spotty... they friggin' destroyed my cat. And then in come the lawyers...

  • kelly - 10 years ago

    Finding a food that Menu doesn't produce isn't as easy as you think. Even now if you ask them they won't tell you who they produce for. Some companies provided their own supplies and as a result, were not part of the recall. It didn't stay top news but they recalled food for months! People were switching brands only to find their new food recalled.
    The Vet bills are something else that people aren't considering. People spent thousands trying to save their pets. How many pets that survived now have health problems as a result of the cost cutting?
    There are still pet owners who are fighting Menu over reimbursement of vet bills, they routinely dismiss the claims and make people jump through impossible hoops to get any money.
    This is still ongoing, it just isn't a headline anymore.

  • Midwest Product - 10 years ago

    I'm still confused as to why this was the first vote, rather than the play-in game. Ah well, whatever.

  • Ryan - 10 years ago

    This doesn't seem like a fair match. Comcast will surely win simply due to the number of people directly wronged by them. Their customer base is far larger, thus it will likely be easier to find people with a negative opinion of them. But no matter what they do, how could it ever be as bad or worse as being responsible for killing your pets? If you are wronged by Comcast, there are always other service providers, but if your dog or cat has died because of MF, there is no going back, something you love is gone, forever.

  • tyagaraja - 10 years ago

    Everyone loves to hate Comcast, but come on. If god kills a kitten every time you masturbate, then Menu Foods is the angel of death.

  • Nina - 10 years ago

    I voted for Comcast. Where I live I have many, many choices when it comes to what I feed my dog. However, if I want cable and internet, I must use the Comcast monopoly.

  • Kriana - 10 years ago

    No one took a hammer to a menu foods plant! Go angry grandmas!

  • ogman - 10 years ago

    I voted for Comcast because in many cases you cannot escape them. They have monopoly power in many areas. Menu Foods I can avoid by simply picking one of the many other pet food manufacturers out there.

  • esqdork - 10 years ago

    Although Comacst is deplorable, they do not kill puppies.

  • fpage77 - 10 years ago

    "Menu Foods killed my father. And raped my mother." ...

    Those bastards should be in jail for all the pet deaths they caused. Forgive the Family Guy spoof.

  • Consumeradvocacy1010 - 10 years ago

    I understand that Menu Foods may kill pets....but eventually Comcast's atrocious service will cause some senior citizen to have a heart attack or stroke while yelling at them. So, I'm voting for Comcast here just to be safe, and sadly....what I described may come to fruition.

  • Steeb2er - 10 years ago

    Comcast is not without it's flaws ... but I doubt anyone has ever wept over their cable bill.

    Imagine being a parent, and explaining that your child's pet died because you gave it the people who make it's food are greedy and basically poisoned the family pet.

    I'd expect that's a little trickier and less desireable than explaining that the little one can't download the new Wiggles CD as quickly as usual because the cable company throttles torrent traffic.

    Menu Foods FTW.

  • Ayo - 10 years ago

    How could you vote for comcast over Menu Foods???

    Menu foods is responsible for deaths. Comcast is responsible for your bill being too much, or you internet servicing going in and out.

    Comcast isn;t going around killing peoples pets. Menu Foods fills that role.

    I don't even have a pet and they piss me off.

  • 8abhive - 10 years ago

    Menu foods is one link in a screwed up system with razor-thin margins and suppliers smart enough to formulate cheap, difficult to detect, and hazardous component substitutes. While the effect is bad, it's somewhat visible now and reactions are ongoing.

    Comcast is, for all appearances, crap by design, a legal monopoly, and improvements are limited to lip service.

    I'd much rather live without cable than pets, but I'll pick an architect of crap over a single pile every day.

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