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Posted 8 years.

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  • Jockaira - 8 years ago

    You forgot the option "who gives a fuck about polls" and also the two-step response "What's a Dick? Why should I care?" followed by the option "On sober reflection, I discover that I am a Dick, but that simple fact will not cause me to change any part of my supremely impressive and enjoyable personality."

    Future polls should address the issue "Does being a Dick really matter, or is it just another superficial internet meme having nothing to do with anything except that some people like to say cleverly insulting things about others that will guarantee a one-way ticket to moral degradation and interminable social ostracism?"

    Yet to be answered is the question of the ages: "Do polls serve any purpose other than killing time, a commodity that each of us have in surpus abundance?"

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