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Should integrity have anything to do with Heisman voting?

Posted 7 years.


  • Jerry - 7 years ago

    "Ye without sin, cast the first stone" This issue with Cam Newton has become a powder keg as many have chosen to execute an individual without due process. These same individuals express outrage at what they KNOW he must have done and yet I would like to know how many of them have cheated on their taxes, received too much change or food at the drive through and not returned the money or the merchandise!
    The writer of the aforementioned article spoke as if he was privy to information that the rest of America has not received! Maybe he was in the MEETINGS, maybe he's pyschic or maybe he's the same as the rest of our noble press, "Guilty until proven innocent".
    For those of you that care about honesty and character, check out he paper in Blinn Texas, an article concerning Mr. Newton's elegibility to play in Texas and how he had to be vetted before he was admitted and read the Birmingham News concerning WHO the FBI was truly checking out. It appears to me, we may have a young man that admitted to wrong doing at Florida, (his first interview at Auburn), went to Texas to start over and get control of his life and to re-evaluate his football career.
    "The sins of the father", frankly I don't want to be judged, juried or executed for the sins of my father, because they were many and harsh. It's not my place to judge anyone and it would be nice to give this young man the same opportunity, I think we still live in the land of the free, where we don't hang someone out of conjecture and inuendo!

  • Integrity First - 7 years ago

    If Mr. Newton finally wins the Heisman Trophy, we will be sending a wrong message to society that this nation recognize, and award this kind of behavior of cheeting at school. Probably the people that support this and try to overlooked his wrong doing were also a bunch of cheeters at school!!

  • ruffin - 7 years ago

    wow, this is where america is today. cheating being over looked at every corner , i was proud of the voters decision to not to vote for Cam. sorry but if this is allowed one time then just pay and play everybody. get your head out of the sand wrong is wrong no if's and or buts . grow up its time to make a difference it's this type of thinking that has america in the place where you have to lock your doors and any thing goes. i think not get a back bone raise your children to fear GOD and be honest and have integrity

  • Andrew Nicks - 7 years ago

    I totally agree with these posts...Cam IS the best player in college football, he IS eligible to play after being CLEARED by the NCAA and the SEC. What more do you and your other bitter billy sports writer friends need to hear?

    How about giving the kid integrity credit for what he's done on the field. He's not let any of this garbage, some of which blown way out of proportion by writers like Thayer Evans and yourself Bianchi, get him down and he's transformed this entire Auburn team around him. I think that voting against him just because you can is irresponsible and you need to be fired from your paper because you're obviously no good at your job if you can't even see that this kid DESERVES this award.

  • Alton Russell - 7 years ago

    it is a sad day when you can not vote for an outstanding player like Cam Newton. He has shown true greatness.. Not voting for Cam just takes away the greatness of the past winners. It shows that maybe someone else might have been left of the ballot, like you are doing... and the only thing we know is that a few Mississippi State guys talked and sent texts to each other about what they said was a possible asking for money. nothing to do with Auburn... ever and never. you are a sports snob and don't even know it. If you kinow so much use your true sports knowledge and vote for whoever yoiu think is the best player in college football, today and this year.... that should determine your vote, nothing else.. and results show it should be Cam Newton.

  • Momto2 - 7 years ago

    I agree with Dan - What a typically nasty thing to do - if you think Cam should win then you automatically do not think integrity should be a part of the vote? Well - I DO think integrity should be part of the vote AND I believe Cam Newton should win! (and he will)....

  • Dan Ryan - 7 years ago

    The next time you create a poll you might consider not slanting the questions in such a manner as this one.

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