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Should There be a Democratic Primary Challenge to Obama?

Posted 7 years.


  • VERITAS - 7 years ago


    Someone who has the guts to stand up to these God damned racistrepublican bastards.


  • JerryO - 7 years ago

    Why is wanting to fire a sitting first-term President so unbelievable? All Barry has done is to cave to the RepubliKKKans at the drop of an hat. Obama is obsessed with the idea of bipartisanship when the other side will have nothing to do with it. Why would four more years of that be a good thing? It's bad enough true progressives have to deal with it for another two.

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    The Obama who is governing is not the Obama I campainged for. Every time there has been a chance to stand firm on Democratic values he has caved without a fight. Even things that are handed to him on a platter: A federal judge ruled DADT unconstitutional, all he had to do was NOT have the DOJ file against it and it would all be over. Nope, Doj filed. The Bush tax cuts: All he has to do is let them expire then legislate for middle class tax cuts and lets see the Repubs block that. Unemployment: Make congress stay during the xmas holiday and watch how fast that gets passed. He is a decent man, but like the Repubs, he is a great campaigner but not so good at governing.

  • allen bukoff - 7 years ago

    Put pressure on the Democratic Party to nominate someone other than Obama. Register your pledge to NOT VOTE AGAIN for Obama at

  • jeffroby - 7 years ago

    I've been running a series on FDL on just this topic:
    Time for a Dump Obama movement
    Dump Obama: more urgent than ever
    Dump Obama: working today
    Dump Obama: for a time of crisis
    Dump Obama: time for a candidate
    Dump Obama: not for wackos only
    Dump Obama: feeding frenzy begins

  • rivkin - 7 years ago

    in all seriousness, if the repubs get to call the economic shots even as the dems still have the trifecta, I don't see the big deal in risking a loss in 2012. Lose what? Social Security? The 2% payroll tax rollback has already expedited that process ...UNDER A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT.

    we're doomed

  • naynay - 7 years ago

    Good luck with that!!!! And idiotland "yo mama"

  • Idiotland - 7 years ago

    It's unbelievable to want get rid of one of the worst presidents in US history? I think not. Please primary this asshole.

  • Lance - 7 years ago

    If Blue Dogs losing House seats is a good thing, why shouldn't we try to get a true progressive into the WH?

  • Cracksmokingmoney - 7 years ago

    Fucking idiots. Sweet jesus Amato, you have let Our Lady of the Perpetually Outraged Madrak corrupt your thought processes. You morons want to primary a sitting President. Unbelievable.

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