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Elect Jesus King

Posted 7 years.


  • Martin - 2 years ago

    To the naysayers commenting on this page.... you don't even know who you are voting against when you cast your ballot - none but the Author of Life itself. Furthermore, by doing so, you elect by default the enemy of Christ, the Devil himself. I sincerely hope for your sakes that you have time to reverse your decision before it's cast in stone. Eternity is a long time to spend with the Evil One. I recommend you pursue further research before it's too late.

  • Michael - 2 years ago


  • simon - 6 years ago

    Good research I believe you have done.
    God bless

  • Jill Frebertshauser - 6 years ago

    Jesus is so real! He has certainly revealed Himself to me numerous times! He has been living at my house the past three years. No I have never seen Him - but I sure do hear him every single day of my life. He lives inside my walls. He does many supernatural things. He has shown me His power a few times and scared me! He reads my mind and always answers me when I ask Him a question - by knocking on the wall etc. Its like having a ghost at my house - but Hes the Holy Ghost - a part of Jesus! Lord - I love you and thank you for living at my house all this time. I look forward to my future eternal life with you. I know you love my faith - which brought you to my house to begin with.

  • Yahron Mills - 6 years ago

    Being a messianic Jew. I found your web page absolutely biblical. Now, the orthodox brothers and many of the Christians in the faith will have spiritual blinders on their eyes. Many of your facts I already have had the privilege to study and confirm. It’s too bad others couldn’t see the truth in your words as I did. To all of you who mock and ridicule this writings, (ELECT JESUS KING) it would do you well to pray to the God who created the heavens and the earth and all that dwells in it. Asking Him to open your eyes that you may see, and to give you ears, which will hear. Unless the Father in heaven first draws you to Him, and reveals Himself to you, your eyes will not perceive, nor will your ears hear the truth. You will only mock Him and His truth. I pray that you will receive the blessings from the Almighty, so you will become everything He intended you to become in your life.

  • elliotviolin - 6 years ago

    Christ is not coming. The Bible is a load of fiction. You are going nowhere when you die except into the energy systems of the planet. You call others closed minded for not accepting the truth of Christ and God, but you are narrow minded yourself for not considering the logical arguments against God's existence as well as the arguments for.

    Nice site though, you clearly put a lot of time into it. But sorry, it's not happening.

  • Jon - 6 years ago

    Power to the People! As an American I cannot submit myself to a singlar Authority figure. Especially one that claims to be All-Knowing and All-Loving but says: the Earth is flat, Slavery is Good, Women are dogs, Rape is not a sin, crime or violation, if you want a wife go to the neighboring country and kidnap her or kill her family. Instead of only reading the lovey-dovey parts of the Bible, actually read the thing, from beginning to end.

  • carl - 6 years ago

    If you're filling your child's mind with this supernatural bullshit, you should be arrested for child abuse.

  • danielle bosma - 7 years ago

    i love you dad

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