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Posted 7 years.


  • Carolyn - 7 years ago

    Vince Dooley stayed on at Georgia after stepping down as Head Football Coach and he became the Athletic Director. I think Urban would make a great Assistant Athletic Director. He is a smart person who loves UF and has a lot to offer. I have enough confidence in Foley that if Urban does stay involved in the program, Foley will find the right fit for him. I do not see Urban trying to take on any head coaching responsibilities and he seems to have great respect for Muschamp.

  • auntp - 7 years ago

    Urban can't critique his own games much less the new coach's. Come on, he's quit us TWICE. Let him go.

  • Bobby B. - 7 years ago

    Whoa whoa whoa wait a minute... Urban retired?!? Why wasn't I told?

  • Mark S - 7 years ago

    Rebuilding the team isn't needed; the team isn't broken.

    The coaching staff is. Urban was.

    Everyone likes to point at Addazio as the downfall of the team this year, but let's look at the facts: While Mullen was around, Addazio was the offensive line coach - his full time job. Mullen was the offensive coordinator - his full time job. Addazio is promoted to offensive coordinator, but, he has to keep his old job, too. UF is the only FBS team has the same person as both the offensive line coach and the offensive coordinator. What suffered on offense this year? The offensive line and the play calling. And who made that decision to NOT hire another offensive line coach?

    Maybe it's because Meyer was never a coordinator before becoming a head coach. Is it possible he doesn't know what's involved? But it's called "Urban Meyer's offense", right? I think it was Mullen's offense.

    But you don't promote someone with only one previous year as an offensive coordinator (Indiana) to a highly ranked team. You steal them from a lower FBS team, like East Carolina or NIU. Same for the defense. Why was a guy who coached middle linebackers in the NFL for the last seven years a hired as a first year defensive coordinator?

    Add up the total number of years of coordinator experience between Meyer, Austin and Addazio and you get two. That's it. Try the same with LSU and you have almost 40 years of experience. Alabama has almost 30. UF has two.

    Meyer needs to leave.

    By the way, has he announced what flavor of offense he's going to run against PSU? One-headed QB, two-headed QB, three-headed QB, or is he gong totry to be like Oregon again and run 100 plays?

  • Kathleen Driggers - 7 years ago

    Meyer hasn't had his head in the game since the end of last year. He needs to be entirely out of the picture. If we are going to give Muschamp the chance he deserves, he doesn't need the former coach looking over his shoulder and second-guessing him.

  • S. Addazio - 7 years ago

    Meyer should have remained as HC- and kept his staff exactly as it was! It was bound to work, just needed time! Like a dive play...

  • Vern - 7 years ago

    I worry about heads clashing. Maybe that's why we didn't hire Peterson or Stoops- neither of them would want an ex-head coach looking over their shoulder...

  • Mike T. - 7 years ago

    Keeping Meyer on staff is a win-lose... I think him and Muschamp might have some differences and Meyer needs to remember he's not head coach anymore... But it's also good because maybe he can help rebuild faster- especially is Addazio gone.

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