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Is Chris Bosh right to complain about Omer Asik's play?

Posted 7 years.


  • robert - 7 years ago

    in Philippines most of our good players was intentionally injured for him not to play the game, or continue.. i guest Chris bosh have all the right becoz as you can see in the replay.. it was like he is not hassling he's intention was to hurt bosh... in gods eyes you can see that he put his body on the foot or ankle of bosh... WHAT was that... hassling????? i think is more on cheating... see the outcome .. Miami heat loss the game... i guess the best player was not ROSE is more likely OMER ASIK... good job men.. i guess your next target would be LEBRON or D wade... if this continue more likely you will get the same statue as my IDOL mike JORDAN.. but not as a player dunking the ball, but as a player with a chain saw in his hands..... BULLS next MVP OMER ASIK.. well done~!!!!!

  • Duro - 7 years ago

    If you don't want injury risk, go play golf, which is a "sport" even my grandma can play.
    @ dwade luva: I bet if it was the other way round (Bosh clashing into an almost unknown European player who then complained) you'd have said Europeans are sissies.

  • Tone - 7 years ago

    SMH... Shaq Said It Best, RU PAUL OF BIG MEN. This guy is Weak and OVERRATED

  • viktor oppenheimer - 7 years ago

    i've been playing street ball all my life and i am closing in on sixty. at every court i go i see young, middle aged and old ballers playing for free day in day out. many of the majority of these players play with sprained fingers, ankles, broken noses, dislocated fingers, the flu, upset stomach, etc. a few like in any sport will slack but the great majority hustle for loose balls even in outdoor courts. for bosh to utter such words is to show fans how a spoiled millionaire thinks and not how a true b-ball warrior should act & speak. i wish more players were like kevin durant or ginobli who play their heart's out without the hype or flagrant egotistical manners; go out and play like what u are paid to do so bosh and stop whining or please play tennis or golf. i am sure you won't have to worry then about hustle plays.

  • Suns13 - 7 years ago

    He's just upset he's not getting the attention anymore... That he isn't "the head honcho" and that people are realizing shit's his fault! Its hard to adjust to people blaming you for stuff when you come from a franchise that was so terrible that Bosh was the "best" player on the court... He just needs to realize how average he actually is... To learn to step up and realize what working actually is, and that you can get more possessions for yourself by working for the ball instead of being the "go-to-guy".. which is sad when Bosh is that man cough* Toronto cough*...

  • johnshmidt - 7 years ago

    bosh steps into people diving on the floor. next time dive down with 'em, stupid. you know in football, people actually tackle each other.

  • dwade luva - 7 years ago

    diving for balls is part of the game but that specific play was stupid first asiks big ass probally couldnt even see the ball he couldve but into bosh and gave himself a concussion and hurt bosh and he would have a 5% chance of getting the ball i thought it was stupid and i wouldve said the same thing.

  • sunny416 - 7 years ago hoo! :'( u hurt my ankle by diving and i think its not fair that you did that. im going to cry to lebron and dwayne now. lol grow up bosh. its part of the game.

  • eduardo chavez - 7 years ago

    Bosh is just weak and needs an excuse.

  • GREG CASSIDY - 7 years ago


  • mick m - 7 years ago

    That man sounds like a kid playing for High school.. you dive for loose balls, you are tought that and we all hustle

  • omerAsik - 7 years ago


  • czar - 7 years ago

    that's why it is called HUSTLE!

  • Cwebb - 7 years ago

    pussy :P

  • nbafan4life - 7 years ago

    Bosh thinks just bending over without exerting as though he is picking up a coin counts as hustle in an NBA game

  • miranda - 7 years ago

    diving on the ground for loose ball its what the games is lacking of, it changes the momentum of the game, Rando is good at doing that. well not to say that the plays cant be careful, but its is the risk of the game, just try not to injure yourself or the other player, its a risk.

  • WisdomofQ - 7 years ago

    I don't entirely blame Bosh - he probably just thought he joined the WNBA.

  • fairplay - 7 years ago

    asik's play is entirely fair, it was a collision accident due to tenacious hustle play. if bosh dont want that, he should play chess instead

  • bigtony68 - 7 years ago

    Bosh is weak....just like the heat.

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