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What's your take on a 24-year-old pro QB with a 17-year-old girl?

Posted 7 years.


  • Tatum - 6 years ago

    Legal or not whether she was in a club or not the moment she said she was 17 he should have said no and walked away. No grown man should be with a child and that's exactly what she is a child. Mark showed terrible judgement and it's sick would he want his daughter having sex with a grown ass man. To me it's rape and perverted and for all of you who think it's ok because it's legal are sick and perverted too the state of NY need to change their laws. Is it ok for him or anyone to be with a 14 or 15 year old just because the state say's it's ok. No adult should be with someone that still has a curfew. It's rape!!!

  • Nita - 7 years ago

    Forget about it being legal... what was she doing in a Night Club and why did she even go along with the QB??? Hey whats a guy suppose to do in that situation. As a young lady I say she should of known better and kept away from the 24 year old in the first place. The only mistake done in this situation is Mark Sanchez trusting "Miss" Kruger that his personal doings would stay private.

  • STFU - 7 years ago

    "Hater - 5 days ago

    He is a pervert. What if it was your daughter?"

    >>> It's LEGAL. He's no pervert 'cause he didn't break any laws.

    "Whatt if it was MY daughter", you ask?

    WHO CARES!! SHE'S NOT! So shut up with your moralistic garbage.

    "Blanton Williams - 5 days ago

    This isn't tacky, this is down right sick. Her part and definitely Sanchez. What he isn't man enough to find someone in his age group? Maybe Mark followed big Ben, saw that the NFL and owners where not going to do anything. Idiot."

    >>> How is it sick if it's LEGAL? It's not like we're talking about a 12-year-old here...She's 17 and got into the club with an illegal ID.

    And WTF do YOU know about Mark? You think he prowls around for 17-year-olds or something? I bet Mark's been with more ADULT Women than you have in your life(which, in your case, equals ZERO).

  • Blanton Williams - 7 years ago

    This isn't tacky, this is down right sick. Her part and definitely Sanchez. What he isn't man enough to find someone in his age group? Maybe Mark followed big Ben, saw that the NFL and owners where not going to do anything. Idiot.

  • Hater - 7 years ago

    He is a pervert. What if it was your daughter?

  • Jason Terry - 7 years ago

    CNN needs to change its "sex with children"' special....not children unless under least in many states; i.e., New Jersey. Sure, some of those profiled are under 16 and that is wrong, but 99% of these "children" are 16 or older.

  • JeffZX - 7 years ago

    Seems unfair that those in California serve massive time and shame when in other states it is legal. California needs to get with the times!

  • Emanuel - 7 years ago

    If it's legal....who cares!

  • rich - 7 years ago

    I know Mark. He absolutely respects women. He is an incredible class act long before he is a quality football player. His love for his mother is evident when they are together.

    The young lady involved here is an opportunist, at best. Her actions are far more vile than his, in my opinion. She took photographs of his bedroom. Could you imagine if someone you were dating did that to you and then disseminated them? What a troubled young lady. My only question about Mark's judgment is how he ended up dating such a manipulative girl.

    My only answer - at the risk of being mocked by cynics - is that Mark is truly too trusting. I don't believe he would have a relationship with a person, man or woman, that wasn't genuine. So, her deception of her true sinister nature must have been masterful.

  • matt - 7 years ago

    It was wrong for what he did legal or not legal thats not right.

  • Nathan - 7 years ago

    Not disappointing at all. This is the quintessence of what is wrong with the media and the way stories, that nobody would ever second guess if apparent in their own lives, can be blown up. Nobody cares about Bob and Sally down the road, who are in the same situation. Celebrity or athlete status does not make it acceptable to make such a big deal of it. I agree with Max, in my eyes it is not a big deal at all. I grew up in a country where this kind of thing, that is causing such a social outcry for negative attention, happened all the time. Whether or not there is an age difference between two people should not be a criteria as to whether it is "appropriate" to date, see each other, be lovers etc. Had anything been forced, yes i would concur in saying it is wrong and disrespectful. But it wasn't.

  • Donna - 7 years ago

    Legal or not.....very disappointing that he has to resort to dating a 17 year old! I would hope the mother and the bar have some kind of ramifications here! I work with youth and no 17 year old should be hanging out with a man of his age! Obviously, he does not respect women! And I was a big Mark Sanchez fan!

  • Max - 7 years ago

    This is only a big deal because most Americans suffer from sexual retardation.

  • sylvia - 7 years ago

    ok so what if its true that Mark Sanchez went out with a 17 year old, it was legal, not to justify is actions. BUT then again what parent lets their 17 year old girl go to a club in NYC ? Second of all what teenage girl tells the hottest quarterback that she is 17 the first time they meet? and then to top it off, the girl tells the story then doesn't then does and then doesn't again and then gets a lawyer (for what?). HMM to mee it all sounds fishy I don't understand...

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Way to go, Sanchez! As long as you can pull it off and stay out of jail, I'm all for it. Also, f' the prosecuters, the lawyers and the prudes. What you did is LEGAL in the State of New York and the pathetic Garden State of New Jersey. Tell the naysayers that they can go kiss your sorry Jersey Jet...

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