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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has proposed sweeping cuts to public-employee benefits by eliminating collective-bargaining rights. Is he on the right track?

Posted 7 years.


  • P.R. - 7 years ago

    Instead of demonizing a middle class that fought hard for their share of the American dream, maybe people fed up that they 'don't have it so good' i.e. a living wage should fight for their share of the American dream instead of scapegoating other working Americans.

  • Dan Welsh - 7 years ago

    Wake up people. Reagan's supply side experiments failed. He had to bail out and ultimately raise taxes again. In the years since, the tax burden has shift massively from the wealthy to the mid and lower incomes. Its not unions fighting for decent pay and benefits that are dragging the country down, its corrupt politicians doing the bidding of big money, skipping out on their civic responsibilities. The oil companies made record profits again last year, the bankers took away fat bonuses ... what, because of some Horatio Alger hard work blah blah blah? Nonsense... the game is rigged, and if you buy their BS, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Walker and these other governors are not working for you.

  • a friend of working class people - 7 years ago

    This is absurd there is a contract in effect when it is over then you bargain again and at that time you can negotiate to change things remember anything thing that they have received they hade to give something back in return the government just didnt give these benefits to the employess out of the goodness of there hearts I understand about the economy and they should work with the unions to come to a common ground not threaten to strong arm something that is contractual if they just change the contract then I believe the workers can do what they want and only work half days since if it isok for one side to change the contract the other side can do it also you cant take away benefits and wages that are bargained for but if you sit down and work with the unions you might be surprised they would be willing to help out I understand how the private sector is upset but if their mortgage company decided to add a 100,000.00 to their mortgage they wouldn't be happy as they had signed a mortgage agreement It is ashame that in Wisconsin the Governor gave the rich a big tax break and he wants to pay for it by taking from the working class instead of taking from teh working class and taxing thepeople that can afford it easier impeach the bum as Governor

  • John Q. Public - 7 years ago

    Hey Biorunner,

    Yeah, let them have their "right to strike" back. It would do us a lot of good if some of those would go on stike FOREVER!

  • Nancy Cuddeback - 7 years ago

    I think alot of people seem to forget that most state retirement programs got burned in their investments by the same jokers who ran their investment banks into the ground, along with the rest of the nation, and a good part of the world's finances as well. And now, suddenly, they're profitable and handing out the big bonuses as if nothing happened. If you want to blame someone for the nation's problems. Blame Obama for letting the bankers off easy. These guys should be in jail, not partying in the Hamptons. These state employees are your neighbors, not your enemies.

  • Dorothy Dutton - 7 years ago

    Over the years alot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed to allow collective bargaining. The public employees Unions should keep their rights. Go Wisconsin...NY is with you all the way.

  • Biorunner - 7 years ago

    Public sector employees do not have a right to strike, unlike private sector unions. That is one of the main reasons that there is collective bargaining rights.. If collective bargaining rights are eliminated will public sector employees have thier right to strike back?

  • It's about time - 7 years ago

    We need more politicans like Gov. Walker. The Dems work for the Unions to get there money and votes on the backs of the tax payers.

  • SLarue - 7 years ago

    I think the poll is phrased to be openly biased towards the union's position. Please, try to show a little less favoritism when presenting something such as this. Saying "The unions have it too good" implies an envious and less-than-rational position, rather, the word choice for the unions is likewise biased to make it sound more noble.

    We should DEMAND more from our press, who are SUPPOSED to be neutral in such things. Granted, it hasn't been that way for decades, but at least try not to show your bias is such ways. You lose what little credibility you have left.

  • has a clue - 7 years ago

    it seems that these teachers and all those brought in by a former neighborhood organizer have forgotten about the number of people who will have to be let go to balance the budget. Nice folks, huh. stay with it Governor.

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