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Which part of your body is affected by hyperhidrosis?

Posted 7 years.


  • maria88 - 6 years ago

    I'm happy to know people with the same problem. Can you help me cope with this problem. I really want to be treated and stop my sweating in hands and feet. Can you recommend things that may lessen my problem.

  • Shoaib - 6 years ago

    I m suffering from excessive hand sweating and thinking about to get treatment optionz available in pakistan is (topical medications,iontopherosis and botox injection....which is safe n effective???

  • nadine - 6 years ago

    hello I am also experiencing HH and trying to search any medication for it which you think effective...It's really embarrasing in my daily life especially in my palm..please help me thanks

  • Mitimatt - 6 years ago

    ETS is not a solution for Hyperhidrosis. It not only is overkill for fixing excessive sweating, it can potentially damage other functions of the body, like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature regualation, mysterious pain, loss of stamina, loss of mental focus, disfigurement of the body, and of course, the continued self-consciousness due to excessive compensatory sweating.

    If you suffer from HH and want solutions, look to that which can reversed first. Get evaluated by a physician to see if you suffer from another issue of your body which among it symptoms can be HH.
    Among these can be diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Then, seek out professional medical advice and pursue only solutions short of surgery. Otherwise, know that regardless of being clipped or cut, you have irreversibly altered your body's condition for the worse.

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