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Should The Death Penalty Be Banned In Illinois?

Posted 7 years.


  • rick lupa - 7 years ago

    The families need to seek closure in the fact that he or she will have to live with their mistake every day for the rest of their lives . Make their lives in prison as miserable as possible , lock them in a tiny cell all by themselves and get rid of any commisary privlages . Make that jail as bad as we can and while we are at it put a noose in the corner of every cell .
    What should be the penalty for us though when we find out someone didn't do it after we convicted them ???? Eye for a eye ?

  • Marcus - 7 years ago

    My daughter 13 year old was was beaten to death by the stepfather and mother 3 years ago why should they have a choice to live she didn't there is no mistake that they didn't, once you admit it and there is strong evidence against them, I see he lied once again when trying to get votes, once he got in office things change I see. There is no justice and it is a sad day.

  • vernon umg - 7 years ago

    n I dont think so as te old saying goes an eye for eye or tooth for tooth same as a life for a life. you can go kill someone and get parole after 25 years serving can rob a bank get 25 years and out in 10-15 for good behavior but if youare ACCUSSED of looking at child porn casu it was on your lap top which you shared with 3 other room mates and get 10 years your not eligible for parole yu have to serve out your term complete. they got off cause it wasnt their computer and he left it on in his sign in password etc. So wheres the justice here his parents fought but didnt get no place

  • kate - 7 years ago

    As usual he just changed his mind? Hum? When running for the office, he thought it would be better for his campain, to state he was for capital punishment. Guess he thought he'd get more votes saying that at the time. They are all liers & that's the truth!

  • Elese - 7 years ago

    I strongly believe the death penalty should be banned. How are we supposed to teach the killing is wrong by putting someone to death? Also, a lifetime in prison is MUCH worse than being put to death. People argue that the victim's family gains closure, but does excecuting the murderer bring back there loved one; does it make them forget? Others might also say that the killer needs to get what he/she deserves, an "eye for an eye" in other words. But if we stick to that revenge mentality, we're all going to end up blind.

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