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Would you like to be able to text 911?

Posted 7 years.


  • KTapp; - 7 years ago

    I worry about our handicapped community.I also worry about how would people would use this new tech.I come from a very rual area and I believe this could be a problem with the cell phone carriers and the older folks learning even more tech. This somthing that really needs to be thought about before we jump off in all the new tech and leave some of our public behind

  • Patty Cross - 7 years ago

    There is much work to be done by cell phone service providers to make texting to 9-1-1 possible. Did you ever get a text message hours or days after it was sent? That would not help in an emergency. Instant messaging, with 2 way communication is really what's needed.

    Persons who are Deaf or HH are anxious for texting to 911 to become a reality. Let's hope that it won't take a tragedy for cell phone companies to develop this technology.

  • cwilliams - 7 years ago

    Texting is the primary way my teenaged daughters communicate and I worry about all of their generation taking it for granted that they can text 9-1-1 just like they text all of their friends. If they try today, they won't get through and in most cases will not be notified that their message was not received.

    I also worry about the speech and hearing impaired community that use texting to communicate. Texting would finally give them equal access to 9-1-1!

    I probably wouldn't text 9-1-1 in reporting an emergency under normal circumstances, but if I needed to get help and it would be unsafe for me to speak out loud, texting is the only solution.

  • Caitlin - 7 years ago

    I thought all through this before. 911 should have texting for those emergencies where the person is unable to call. An example of this is during a home invasion if you're trying to hide from the invader, or in a hostage situation, or something like that. You can use it when you are unable to talk.
    Otherwise, if you are just calling for a health emergency or something of the sort, just call- it's quicker and easier for the operator to get your information and they would be able to ask questions or talk you through something.

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