Drew Sarver has been a Yankees fan since he was a kid in the late 1960's. He's been writing about them on his blog, My Pinstripes (http://mypinstripes.blogspot.com), since 2005. In addition to the Yankees, Drew is also a diehard Giants, Rangers, and Celtics fan (yes, it's incongruous). Married with two Beagles, Drew lives in New Jersey where he makes a living as a database analyst. He'd like to figure out how to switch his day job for his night job.

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What do you think of Dog Parks? (Poll Closed)

  • Love 'em and so do my dogs
    45 votes

  • It's a great way for my dog to burn off energy and a great socialization tool
    57 votes

  • My dog isn't social enough to enjoy it
    46 votes

  • People are rude, don't watch their pets carefully enough, and don't always pick up after their pets
    33 votes

  • I've never been to one
    77 votes


Posted 10 years.

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